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泉岳寺 Sengakuji

  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
  • Shinagawa / Haneda Area
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Shinagawa / Haneda Area
2‐11‐1 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108‐0074, Japan
  • Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals
Opening Hours
[Summer Hours (April- September)]7:00-18:00, [Winter Hours(October- March)]7:00-17:00
Date of post:2015/04/27

Feel the spirit of 47 Ronins

  • Temple / Shrine

Have you seen the film “47 Ronin”? Do you like samurai stories? If your answer is yes, you will likely be interested in this post. The story was a bit dramatized for the film, but the 47 samurais' loyalty to their master was real. It goes back to 1703 during the Edo period (1603-1868), when the 47 ronins (samurai without a feudal lord) got revenge on behalf of their master Mr. Asano, and showed their loyalty, then reported it to his grave. So, Sengaku-ji Temple is the one, where 47 ronins and their master, Mr. Asano are buried. The temple itself was built in the 17th century, but was burned down due to a massive fire, then transferred later to the place it is now.

There is an annual event in December to commemorate them, and the main feature is the procession of the 47 ronins with their samurai attire on, from Tsukiji to Sengaku-ji Temple. Not only on the day of the festival, there are still many people who pay a visit to their tombs to respect their loyalty. If you would like further information on the 47 samurais and the event, the memorial hall provides you with the collection of artifacts and a video (English version is available).

Opening hours: 7:00-18:00 daily (April to September), 7:00-17:00 daily (October to March).
Memorial Hall: 9:00-16:30 daily (April to September), 9:00-16:00 daily (October to March). / Price: ¥500 (JPY / adult), ¥400 (JPY / Junior / Junior High Student), ¥250 (JPY / Child above 10 years old).

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