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トヨタメガウェブ Toyota Mega Web

  • Odaiba / Tokyo Bay Area
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Odaiba / Tokyo Bay Area
1-3-12 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064, Japan
Date of post:2015/11/16

World's largest TOYOTA car showcase!!

  • Sightseeing

You will be fascinated by both new & classic cars in Pallet Town, Odaiba district. Even if you aren't familiar with TOYOTA cars, I guarantee you will be amazed by their beautiful cars!

The area is mainly divided into two areas.
If you wanna see luxurious cars, definitely check LEXUS and CROWN cars out. Their beautiful forms are worth seeing. Also you can touch and feel their fancy interior because you are allowed to open and sit in those exhibited cars. Of course, it's ok to take photos!

Welcab corner; exhibition of TOYOTA's welfare vehicles.
Those cars with welfare equipment (for people with disabilities) are very impressive. You can see how greatly TOYOTA takes importance on welfare vehicles, since Japan is an aged society, these cars must be necessary for your parents or yourself in the future. Great eye-opener!

MEGA theater; You enjoy short movie/video/animation as if you were the driver.
While watching, the seats will sometimes move which gives you a thrilling and fun experience! (around ten minutes) This is such an exciting experience, I recommend you to try it!

Different place from TOYOTA CITY SHOWCASE!! Walk through Venus Fort.

Don't miss the opportunity to ride in a TOYOTA car! At Toyota City Showcase on the 1st floor, there is a course for riding selected Toyota vehicle with 300 yen payment. You need to present an international driving permit. The driving course consists of two laps around a 1.3km track.

Exhibited many vintage cars (1950s to 1970s) collected from Italy, US, Germany and of course, from Japan! They are very well-preserved and seems like 'classic car museum' for me! Start from 2nd floor, fascinated by displays of vintage cars then, going downstairs to 1st floor.

There is the 'ALESSANDRO NANNINI CAFE' which is an Italian cafe for the first time in Japan opened by former F1 driver Alessandro Nannini.

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