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深川江戸資料館 Fukagawa Edo Museum

  • Asakusa/Ryogoku/Ueno
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  • Price RangeAdults (Includes high school students)" 400 (JPY)
    Children 50 (JPY)
  • Closed2nd and 4th Monday of Each Month,Year-End and New Year Holidays, Irregularly

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1-3-28 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0021, Japan
Opening Hours
2nd and 4th Monday of Each Month,Year-End and New Year Holidays, Irregularly
Price Range
Adults (Includes high school students)" 400 (JPY)
Children 50 (JPY)
Date of post:2015/04/23

Time trip to the Edo period

  • Historic / Cultural Experiences

Fukagawa is the name of the area around the Fukagawa Edo museum, and Edo is the former name of Tokyo from about 400 years ago. The museum provides you with a sense of real life in the early 19th century in the Edo period.

There are seven houses inside the museum, some of which you can enter and see how were the houses and the lives like at that time. Each house has its own setting and background information such as who lived in each house and what they did for a living. The entire exhibit space is not big, but as you walk you'll learn a part of the life of the period. Inside the museum, sounds and lights express the transition of a day, and the seasonal display appears depends on the time of the period, so you can learn something about Japan's seasonal attraction as well.

By the way, you might see a clam seller's house, as the clam was a local specialty here, because the sea was nearer to the town in the past. The place was a fisherman's village before. So a dish called Fukagawa meshi (Asari clams and green onion cooked in miso soup and then poured over a bowl of rice), is still popular here as a local food. There are several restaurants which serve Fukagawa meshi nearby the museum. Try a taste of Edo!

Opening hours: 9:30-17:00 daily. Closed: The second and fourth Mondays, the New Year's holidays.
Price: ¥400 (JPY / adult), ¥50 (JPY / up to 15 years old)
Manners: When you enter the house, please take your shoes off. There is no eating facility inside the museum.

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