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江戸東京博物館 Edo-Tokyo Museum

  • Museums
  • Asakusa/Ryogoku/Ueno
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  • Price RangeAdults 600 (JPY)
    Seniors 300 (JPY)
    Students 300~480 (JPY)
    Children free
  • ClosedMonday, Year-End and New Year Holidays

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1-4-1 Yokoami, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015, Japan
  • Museums
Opening Hours
[Mon-Fri,Sun]9:30-17:30, [Sat]9:30-19:30
Monday, Year-End and New Year Holidays
Price Range
Adults 600 (JPY)
Seniors 300 (JPY)
Students 300~480 (JPY)
Children free
Date of post:2015/04/23

The best museum to understand Japanese history

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If you would like to learn Japanese history, but you don't want to read a book, I really recommend visiting Edo-Tokyo Museum. Edo is the former name of Tokyo until 1867 when it was still governed by shogun. This museum shows the history of both feudal times and modern Japan after named it was renamed Tokyo in 1868 using a lot of models and folding screen paintings. So, you will understand how the city was like visually. The entrance fee is ¥600 (JPY). Closed on Monday.

They reproduce old shopping streets, old houses, suites of armor, money, utensils for fishing and fire-fighting, palanquin, theater, bookshop, woodblock printing, etc. You can feel the life of both samurai worriers and common people.

You can take photos and touch some items. For example, you can ride on the palanquin and take pictures. So, this museum is like an amusement park.

Next to the museum is Kokugikan sumo tournament hall and it has a small sumo museum which you can visit for free.Sumo tournaments are held only 45 days a year here, but you can feel the atmosphere by seeing the big mural painting depicting sumo match. So I recommend you visit this hall too, if you go to Edo-Tokyo Museum.

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