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谷中銀座 Yanaka Ginza

  • Shopping areas
  • Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
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Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
3-13-1 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0001, Japan
  • Shopping areas
Opening Hours
Open Every Day
Price Range
Admission free
Date of post:2015/04/27

A famous and Japanese favorite old towns

  • City Walking

Yanaka Ginza is an old shopping street which makes locals feel nostalgic. For non-Japanese tourists, it will probably feel new instead if you are getting a bit tired of looking at too much Japanese technology, to many high-rise buildings and the hustle-bustle of shopping streets. The shopping street stretches for more or less 200 meters, and lined with about 70 shops, some of which are time-honored and you can enjoy shopping for Japanese items such as traditional Japanese sandals and toys for children.

Also the treat here is to buy some snacks and eat on your way; croquette (when you pronounce it in Japanese way, try kolokke) doughnut and other Japanese sweets...

The stairs are nicknamed Yanake-dandan (literally The Sunset stairs) and are famous here and attract lots of visitors. Actually the sunset from the stairs is beautiful. Around the town, you can just hang around and soak up the atmosphere of a Japanese old town. As you walk, you might notice soon that there are many temples here. This town has been guarded by temples for a long time.

Manners: After eating snacks, take your trash with you or put it in the trash can of the shop you bought the item. Also, please take care about others' clothing while eating.
If you wish to take photos of people and shops, please ask them for permission. Taking photo of the products inside stores is not usually allowed.

Date of post:2015/04/23

You can find good old Japan in a big city!

  • City Walking

You may think that Tokyo is a big city only with modern buildings but you may change your mind if you visit Yanaka. This area is not far from the center of Tokyo, but it keeps an old and calm atmosphere. There are many Buddhist temples, old houses and a big cemetery. The wall called Tsuijibei was constructed during the feudal times. You may feel like you went back in time.

In the center of Yanaka area there is a short and narrow shopping street called Yanaka Ginza. This is one of the typical shopping streets for the locals. They sell things for daily life such as home-style foods & sweets, kimono, traditional sandals, ceramics, green tea etc. I recommend trying to eat "menchikatsu" (breaded deep-fried ground meat cutlet). You can buy it for ¥200 (JPY) at Nikuno-Suzuki store.

Yanaka is also called a cat town. You may find the local cats and also in Yanaka Ginza, you will find many figurines of cats.

At the entrance of the shopping street, there are steps called Yuyake-Dandan which means "sunset steps". They are named that way not only for the beautiful landscape seen from the top but also if you come here for at sunset, you may feel nostalgic.

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