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表参道 Omotesando

  • Other Walks / City Walking
  • Shibuya / Harajuku / Aoyama Area
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Shibuya / Harajuku / Aoyama Area
Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan
  • Other Walks / City Walking
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Date of post:2015/04/24

Walk down the fashionable street, trends are here!

  • City Walking

Omotesando is a trendy place where you can find many cafes, restaurants and various types of shops. Originally Omotesando is a general name for the front approach which connects a town and shrine or temple (in this case, Meiji shrine), but now the name is used for the area. The street is lined with zelkova trees which are illuminated in December.

Shopping here is nice but just hanging around is also intriguing if you are interested in architecture, as some buildings are designed by famous architects. A building called “Spiral Building” was designed by Fumihiko MAKIm who is one of the leading architects in Japan. He won the “Pritzker Prize” which is said to be the Nobel Prize for architects. The building features a large spiral staircase inside it. One other famous building is the flagship store of Prada. The building is glass-fronted, and each of the glass blocks is diamond shaped, which makes the building look like contemporary art. It's designed by famous Swiss architects called Herzog and de Mouron.

Apart from architecture, currently the notable thing in Omotesando is the big craze for sweets. It's a kind of battlefield especially for pancake cafes, and you'll see long queues stretching down the streets as you walk. Apart from pancakes, there are attractive cafés or bakeries such as Max Brenner and Magnolia bakery which draw lots of foodies from all over Japan. Also classy brand shops line the streets, such as Gucci, Tod's and Louis Vuitton. Besides, there are some shopping complexes like Omotesando Hills, LaForet and Tokyu Plaza Omotesando, so if you don't have enough time to hang around for shopping, you can choose one, which solves your problem.

However, does it sound attractive for non-Japanese tourists so far? Don't worry, of course there are many attractions for tourists from overseas too. The Kiddy Land shop is a toy store great for both children and adults. It mainly features “character goods” from in and out of Japan. Last but not least, Oriental Bazaar is a souvenir shop where you can find typical Japanese souvenirs, such as Japanese tea cups, postcards, and T-shirts on which Japanese words are written.

If you have much more time to spend in Omotesando, you can visit an art museum exclusively for Ukiyoe (wood block print) or nearby Meiji Jingu shrine within walking distance.

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