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ハチ公前スクランブル交差点 Shibuya Crossing

  • Other Walks / City Walking
  • Shibuya / Harajuku / Aoyama Area
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Shibuya / Harajuku / Aoyama Area
2-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0043, Japan
  • Other Walks / City Walking
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Open every day
Date of post:2015/09/16

Huge Crossing in front of Shibuya station

  • City Walking
  • Special Recommendations

When the traffic signals turns red, all the cars stop at once, then all pedestrians walk from the right, left, front... to all directions!! and somehow Japanese people walk without hitting other people. It's an amazing experience, you must try it here!! If you stand at this crossing, you will be surrounded by four big TV screens with lots of advertisement on the buildings which give you a feeling that you are in NYC. This scramble crossing is a Tokyo's Times Square!!

In front of this crossing, you see TSUTAYA, a bookstore building in which there is a Starbucks. If you go up to second floor in Starbucks, you can enjoy a great view of the crossing down there. Rainy day is even better. You can find different colors and shapes of umbrellas! This is so much fun!

Also, this crossing was in the film of Sophia Coppola 'Lost in Translation', once you see this scene, you will never forget. Also, 'Fast & Furious 3 - Tokyo Drift'. Being in Shibuya crossing means you are exactly in the movie. This is one of the most popular film locations in Japan.

Date of post:2015/04/23

The most unique crossing in the world

  • City Walking
  • Special Recommendations

This diagonal crossing in Shibuya keeps attracting many people from all over the world. With up to 3,000 people crossing at one time, you can feel the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, and together with the neon lights around the crossing at night, you might feel more excited to see something Tokyo-ish.

When some big events are held in Japan, such as the World Cup and Halloween, generally young people tend to pour into the crossing and nearby streets and go wild. Whenever the crossing falls into chaos, the police are sent to keep order.

I could say the best seat to observe the crossing is the Starbucks in the front building, but it's always crowded with people who try to take birds-eye-view photos at the crossing. If you are lucky enough to get a seat, make the most of the chance and take in the view with a coffee. It's a bit further from the crossing, but personally I like the passageway, which connects the JR Shibuya station and Shibuya station on the Keio Inokashira line. The one side of the passageway is glass fronted, and you can look down the crossing.

Tips: The time frame for pedestrians to cross each time is not that long, so if you try to take photos in the middle of the crossing, your time will soon be up. Try not to stay there once the green light starts flashing, and try to do it again next time, otherwise you'll be in trouble with a car!

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