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両国国技館 Ryogoku Kokugikan

  • Stadiums
  • Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
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  • Price RangeAdults 2200~ (JPY)
    Children 200~ (JPY)
  • ClosedIrregularly

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Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
1-3-28 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0015, Japan
  • Stadiums
Price Range
Adults 2200~ (JPY)
Children 200~ (JPY)
Date of post:2015/04/23

Meet sumo wrestlers in town!

  • Entertainment

Ryogoku Kokugikan is an arena where several sports matches are held (mainly combat sports), of which the best known is still the sumo tournament. It is located in the east of Tokyo, which has quite an old history. In association with the sumo tournament, there are some sumo stables for wrestlers to live and train in. So you might have the chance to see sumo wrestlers while you are hanging around there.

Accommodating 10,000 people, the Kokugikan is always full of people who root for their favorite sumo wrestlers during the tournament, and even out of the arena, many people wait and see the sumo wrestlers who come into the arena via the back entrance.

Even if it's not the season for the tournament, inside the arena, there is a free sumo museum where you can see some materials and pictures of Sumo such as Ukiyoe (Japanese wood block print), the ceremonial apron for the wrestlers, and the official ranking list.

The Sumo Museum:
Opening hours: 10:00-16:30 (Monday to Friday).
Closed: National holidays and during the New Year's holidays.
Price: Free (During the sumo tournament, you need a tournament ticket)
Transport: 1 min. from Ryogoku station on the Sobu line.

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