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東京駅 赤レンガ駅舎 Tokyo Central Railway Station

  • Architectures
  • Tokyo Station / Ginza Area
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Tokyo Station / Ginza Area
1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 Japan
  • Architectures
Date of post:2015/04/23

The picturesque symbol of Tokyo

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After five years of renovation, Tokyo station (Marunouchi building) was completed in 2012, returning to the original design of about 100 years ago. I should probably mention the building itself first. This stunning red brick building on the Marunouchi side is 335 meters from side to side, and the main features of the station - two domes in the North and South exit are both 35 meters high. Inside the domes, there are some beautiful decorations. Also if you look at the bricks from outside, you can see the different colored bricks here and there. This is because the old ones are still used below the second floor to preserve some bricks.

The station was designed by Kingo Tatsuno who was the leading architect of Japan from the mid-19th to the 20th century. Now it's designated as an important cultural property.

I'll tell you one more thing which even not many Japanese might know about. The nearby Imperial Palace and the station are connected by a straight street called Gyoko Dori, and the centre exit which leads from the Imperial Palace is used only for the Royal Family and the official guests, and it's not usually open.

The view of the building at night is also breathtaking. The building which is gently illuminated by LEDs is different from the image during the day.

This Tokyo Station building provides a gallery, a classy hotel on the top floors, tourist information, currency exchange / ATM, and luggage services. Between the streets connecting the Marunouchi side to the Yaesu side, many souvenir shops and restaurants can be found.

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