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東京タワー Tokyo Tower

  • Architectures
  • Shinagawa / Haneda Area
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  • Price RangeAdults 900 (JPY)
    Children 500 (JPY)
    400 (JPY)
  • ClosedOpen Every Day

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Shinagawa / Haneda Area
4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 Japan
  • Architectures
Opening Hours
Open Every Day
Price Range
Adults 900 (JPY)
Children 500 (JPY)
400 (JPY)
Date of post:2015/09/28

Tokyo's Eiffel Tower?? No! 333m high Tokyo's sky landmark!

  • Sightseeing

Open in 1958, enjoy a great view of of the center of Tokyo! If the weather is clear and sunny enough, you may see Mt Fuji from the southwest side of the window.

Usually we use an elevator to go up to 150m high Main Observatory but if you are confident, don't hesitate to take the outside stairs up and down! There are approximately 600 steps to go, open on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays (closed when it rains). Too many steps? Don’t worry! Even kindergartners climb around in 15 minutes.

In the observatory, don't miss looking down windows which are see-through and you can clearly see down the foot of Tokyo Tower. Pedestrians and cars can be seen so small from there! Also, find a mystery baseball exhibited at main observatory, which tells you a unique hidden story of Tokyo Tower.

After sunset till midnight, you enjoy beautiful lighting up on it so it is very good idea to see from outside after dark. There is the Shiba park near Tokyo Tower from where you can take good photos. Being in the observatory in the evening offers you great moment to feel metropolitan Tokyo. You will see how large and bright Tokyo is!

Date of post:2015/04/23

Beloved Tokyo monument both day & night

  • Views

Tokyo Tower was constructed in 1958 for radio & TV broadcasting. This 333 meters high tower was the highest construction in the world when it was built exceeding Eiffel Tower (312m).

There are two observation floors. One is 150m above the ground (¥900 (JPY) for the ticket) and the other one is 250m above (¥1,600 (JPY)). You can enjoy a great view of Tokyo from there and you can see the landmarks of Tokyo such as Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, National Diet Building, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge, etc. You also can see Tokyo Bay and on clear days you even see Mount Fuji from there!

If you go up, please do not forget to look down the ground from the transparent windows on the floor. It will be an amazing experience!

It is nice to go up to the observation floors, but also beautiful from outside. It is lit up during the night. On weekdays, the colors are orange and white same as the daytime, but they do the special light-up called Diamond-veil for the weekend and some special days.

Now, the highest tower in the world is Tokyo Sky Tree (634m-high) which is also located in Tokyo. It is nice to go up there, but I prefer Tokyo Tower because I can feel more intimacy with Tokyo from its observation floor.

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