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キャーヴ ドゥ ギャマン エ ハナレ Cave de Gamin et Hanare

  • French Lounge / Pub
  • Shinagawa/Shiba/Hamamatsucho
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  • Price Rangelunch15,000~20,000JPY、dinner10,000~15,000JPY
  • ClosedSunday, Public Holidays

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5-5-10 Shirokane, 1st Basement Floor, Minato-ku, tokyo 108-0072, Japan
  • French
  • Lounge / Pub
Opening Hours
Sunday, Public Holidays
Price Range
Date of post:2016/10/24

CAVE DE GAMIN de HANARE is full of pleasure to enjoy unique fusion cuisine

In common sense the French restaurant is a little bit too formal but they spread a casual atmosphere everybody can feel free to enjoy the conversation with their great foods and wine in the basement like a hiding place. They also have a seat on the counter of Japanese cypress for Japanese French cuisine. I really like the atmosphere of this restaurant because it’s full of people who love food so much.

The owner chef Kinoshita has 5 restaurants. The name AU GAMIN DE TOKIO means Boys like mischief. They are worthy of their name. His dishes are great fusion of Japanese, French and Italian. We can enjoy chef’s mischief to eat.
He published some recipe books. I have one of them, "Twitter recipe". It's unique one that tells us his way to cook simply less than 140 characters. Everyone might be able to enjoy cooking by this book.

You can select the menu freely as you like from the courses to a la carte. That's right there is also a customer that I order only one glass of wine with snack.
The Dishes is not a stereotyped way of thinking. The selection of ingredients and way to cook is absolutely unique. I'm always surprised. Even not on the menu, they can cook what you want to eat the best at that time.
My favorite dish is "Corn mousse and raw sea urchin Royale" I heard that this specialty was born from the stopgap measure. It's like a gem with a smooth mousse.

Let's ask the chef with experience in the Japanese French restaurant learned in France and Italy to cook your favorite dishes.

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