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たて森 Tatemori

  • Yakitori
  • Tokyo Station / Ginza Area
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  • Price Rangedinner8,000~10,000JPY
  • ClosedSunday, Public Holidays, 3rd Monday of Each Month

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Tokyo Station / Ginza Area
2-14-8 Ginza, Ito Building 1st Floor, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
  • Yakitori
Opening Hours
[Mon-Sat]18:00-23:00(21:00 Last order)
Sunday, Public Holidays, 3rd Monday of Each Month
Price Range
Date of post:2016/10/24

Enjoy delicious organic Yakitori sitting on a chic counter seat at Tatemori

Yakitori is a Japanese grilled chicken that is one of popular food in Japan. Of course I love it. I have been to a lot of Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo. Tatemori is my favorite Yakitori restaurant.

The owner chef Tatemori is basically an authentic Japanese cook who has no apprenticeship experience in Yakitori restaurant before. But his work cultivated by Japanese cuisine' Kaiseki' made art of cooking Yakitori fantastic. Especially how to use charcoal for cooking is so great to achieve a stunning baked condition.
They have counter seats. You would enjoy watching how to cook Yakitori by chef during dinner with a good smell of burning ingredients.

I recommend to order the addition if you are not full after Chef's special course 5800yen. You can select your last dish from the menu as you like at the end of the course.
Don’t worry about the calories, because Yakitori is the healthy food dropping off the excess oil in the process of cooking. Basically Chicken is high-protein and low fat meat and has the effect of burning fat. Delicious and Healthy. What a wonderful food Yakitori is!
To add to the advantages, all of their Chicken is organic.
And it has been improved to match the Japanese cuisine. So it is a perfect match for Japanese sake. And besides they also have good wines. A sommelier selects best wine for you if you like.

The reservation is acceptable by phone and might not be accepted in about 1 or 2month. For the unforgettable food experience, waiting for a little bit long time is not even so bad.

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