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ラ ココリコ(上野店) La Cocoriko Ueno

  • French
  • Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
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  • Price Rangelunch1,000~2,000JPY、dinner4,000~5,000JPY
  • ClosedOpen every day

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Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
Hoterusanru-to suteraueno 1F, 7-7-1, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005 Japan
  • French
Opening Hours
[Mon-Fri]7:00-16:00,17:00-23:30, [Sat, San, Public Holidays]7:00-23:30
Open every day
Price Range
Date of post:2016/10/24

Simple and juicy Rotisserie Chicken at Ueno

It's located one-minute walk from Ueno station on the 1st floor of the Hotel Sun-route.

Since it's a hotel restaurant, they are opened from 7:00am to 11:00pm.
I usually visit there at lunch time, but I want to have their breakfast menu someday.

I have the 1,200yen lunch combo with appetizer, 1/4 Rotisserie chicken, dessert, and coffee.

This is the appetizer and this is the kind of appetizer I like with big volume and variety.

They are famous for the Rotisserie chicken -roasted chicken.
It has rich flavor of several kinds of herbs and spices and the meat is very juicy.
I ordered 1/4 size this time although they also have 1/2 size combo for 1,500yen.
When I'm hungry enough, I’ll go for 1/2.

I'm not good at eating chicken leg with knife and fork, so I grab it with my fingers and eat it at last.
That's why they always give a big wet towel with the chicken.

The chicken comes with chicken butter rice and salt with Sansyo -Japanese pepper.
I like their rice so much as well as the chicken.
The rice looks dry but it actually is nicely moist like regular Japanese rice.
I would eat the chicken without salt & pepper first as they recommend and then put a little bit of salt & pepper afterwards.

The interior looks very classy and stylish and it feels very comfortable either alone or with some company.
So, I use this place when I host my guests at Ueno area and also when I want to have my meal alone and comfortably.
Their food other than chicken is also always good, so if you visit Ueno area, it's one of the nicest places to get rest and have your meals.

They have many tables, so they can deal with big groups.
And because it's a hotel restaurant, they are used to foreign customers.
They are also famous for the Belgian beers, so if you are a beer drinker, you should try some along with their awesome chicken.

This is a restaurant chain that has 5 restaurants in Tokyo and 6 restaurants in Japan.

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