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本むら庵 Honmura-an

  • Soba
  • Nishi-tokyo Area
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  • Price Rangelunch1,000~2,000JPY、dinner2,000~3,000JPY
  • ClosedTuesday (or next weekday if Tuesday is public holiday)

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Nishi-tokyo Area
2-7-11 Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0043, Japan
  • Soba
Opening Hours
11:00-21:30(Last order at 21:00)
Tuesday (or next weekday if Tuesday is public holiday)
Price Range
Date of post:2016/10/21

Eat healthy noodle Soba at Modern Soba restaurant in Roppongi HOMNURA AN

The Japanese noodle restaurant is in the second floor of a small building in the central of Roppongi, Tokyo. This soba restaurant used to has a branch in New York, US before. It was so popular between New Yorkers as a best Soba restaurant in New York. They are popular also in Tokyo, because of their great dishes, especially great Soba and the stylish atmosphere, simple and modern interior.

They have various types of soba. For beginner, I recommend 'Seiro Soba' which is simple cold soba with dipping sauce. This is basic style to eat soba. You can taste the real flavor of buckwheat flour. It was so sweet smelling. Their Soba noodle is firm. I like it very much because that goes down pleasantly.
They serve it in the set menu for lunch on weekdays only.

For dinner they have a special seasonal course. If you visit there in a party of five or more, the prior reservation is necessary. Of course it can be ordered from one person.
On the other hand, they have à la carte menu too. Drinking Sake gradually with great Japanese dishes is a good way to enjoy time at Soba restaurant. They also have wines which match well with their Japanese foods.
Don’t forget to eat Soba at the end of your dinner.

They have a website in English. You can see information on it, but booking is only by phone. Be careful that you must reconfirm of your reservation on the day, when you have made an advance reservation from your hotel or overseas.

Buckwheat is rich in nourishment. One of those, ’Rutin` helps strengthen your vines and reduce your blood pressure. Furthermore, rich in vitamin B helps you recover from Fatigue. And much dietary fiber contained in buckwheat works well to lower the blood sugar level. Enjoy eating delicious Soba healthy there!

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