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もいわ山展望台 Mt. Moiwa Observatory

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Around Sapporo
Mt.Moiwa, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 005-0041, Japan
  • Other Walks / City Walking
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Summer:[April 1-November30]10:30-22:00, Winter:[December 1-March31]11:00-22:00, [December 31]11:00-17:00, [January 1]5:00-17:00
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Date of post:2015/07/09

Sapporo's favorite mountain

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Mt. Moiwa is loved by the Sapporo citizens. It is only 531 meters but it is blessed with a rich nature and a spectacular view. There are five trail routes to the mountain used that often serve as a daily workout for the locals. You have to walk through the virgin forest and you can encounter wild animals lsuch as squirrels, red foxes and even brown bears sometimes.

Rope way and special cars are also available. The rope way connects Sanroku station to Midway station and has a capacity of 66 passengers at a speed of 18 km/h. Its new gondola has large windows so that you can enjoy the view. At Midway Station you will transfer to special cars connecting to Summit Station.They are mini twin cable cars with a capacity of 30 passengers per car at a speed of 12,6 km/h. You can see the forest closer than from the gondola too.

On the observatory at the top you can enjoy the panoramic views of Ishikari plain, Ishikari bay and the far mountains. There is a lovers sanctuary that has a romantic bell for happiness. It is said that if lovers attach the love padlock (sold at the shop in Midway Station or at the Star Hall reception in Summit Station) with the lover’s signatures to the handrails around the sanctuary and ring the bell together, they will become happy in the future.

When you visit Mt. Moiwa at night, you will probably be impressed by the night view of Sapporo because the amount of lights of the city with a population of about 1.9 million people is huge and is often compared to millions of diamonds floating in the dark sea!
Actually it is said that Mt. Moiwa is one of the Hokkaido’s top three night views, along with Mt. Hakodate and Mt. Tengu in Otaru. If you would like to enjoy the night view from a more relaxed atmosphere, the restaurant Jewels in Summit Station building is great.

Date of post:2015/07/09

Must see night view in Sapporo

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Mt. Moiwa is a mountain located only 5 km away from the center of Sapporo whose height is 531 meters. It is not the only familiar hill for the Sapporo residents, but the scenery from the top is quite astonishing.

Rope way and cable car are well organized and can take you the top in less than 30 minutes. The cable car is called moorisu, named after the cute mascot of the mountain.

Another must-see of Mt. Moiwa is its nature. The mountain is surrounded by very thick wild forest. When breathing the fresh air you can easily forget that you are visiting a city with 1.9 million inhabitants!

If your schedule allows, please visit Mt. Moiwa at night for the night view. It is one of the most impressive illumination scenery in Hokkaido! Moreover, if you have already visited several locations in Sapporo before climbing up Mt. Moiwa, you can see some of them from the top!

The discount coupon of rope way fee is very easy to get. Find the coupon at the tourist information counter, or you can pick it up in the streetcar.

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