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大倉山ジャンプ競技場 Mt. Okura Observatory

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  • Susukino/Odori Park/Maruyama Park
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Susukino/Odori Park/Maruyama Park
1274 Miyanomori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 064-0958, Japan
  • Stadiums
Opening Hours
Okurayama Lookout lift -Summer[April 28-November 4]8:30-18:00, Winter[November 5-next April 26]9:00-17:00
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Date of post:2015/07/14

Are you a Winter Olympic fan?

  • Historical Building

Sapporo is a lucky city as it was the home of the 1972 winter Olympic games. Among several faculties that still remain nowadays, Mt. Ookura with a spectacular view from the top is the best place to visit.

Mt Ookura is a large ski-jump hill that is still used for world cups or other major games. It faces exactly the center of Sapporo, so the jumpers who experienced Mt. Ookura flights often feel like they are jumping into the Odori Park. The jump platform of Mt. Ookura is also very easily recognized from the park.

The lift charge for the top is 500 JPY, but you can find some coupons and convenient services to visit in a tourist information counter at the JR Sapporo station or subway Odori station.
The bus line is JR Bus service from Maruyama-koen subway station, signed 円 (MARU) 14,(210 JPY) but the choice includes another 10 minutes’ walk from the bus stop Ookura yama kyougizyou iriguchi.

Date of post:2015/07/07

Home of the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics

  • Historical Building

Okurayama ski jump stadium was the stage for the 1972 Winter Olympic Game’s 90-meter jump competition held in Sapporo.

It is still a large-hill jump stadium for competitions during international summer and winter jumps. The stadium is open to the public on days when competitions and official practices are not being held, you can go to the top of the mountain using the two-seated lift. From the viewing lounge at 00 meters you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Ishikari plain, Ishikari Bay, far away mountains and look down at the center of Sapporo including Odori park and other landmarks.

Another attraction is Sapporo Winter Sport Museum which shows exhibitions related to the Olympics and historical materials about winter sports. I recommend the game simulator in the Sensation/Experience Zone where you can feel like you were a jumping athlete.You can also experience other simulators so it is a fun experience.

If you are looking for a great dinner place, you should visit the restaurant lamb dining on the second floor of the Crystal House. You will be impressed by the breathtaking night view of downtown Sapporo at the same time!

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