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知床五湖 Shiretoko Goko

  • Lake / Falls
  • Around Shiretoko and Abashiri
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Around Shiretoko and Abashiri
Shari-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido 099-4100, Japan
  • Lake / Falls
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Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/07/07

Mysterious five lakes

  • Nature Walks

The Shiretoko Goko (five) Lakes is included in the Shiretoko National Park which was designated as a World Heritage Site in 2005. The features of Shiretoko depend on the Shiretoko Peninsula jutting into Sea of Okhotsk, it has been isolated due to a high mountain range and deep primeval forests as well as the forest and sea of Okhotsk which bears drift ice containing huge amount of plankton supporting a wide variety of wildlife both on the land and in the sea. The Shiretoko Goko Lakes is one of the most popular tourist sites in Hokkaido attracting about 0.5 million visitors a year. Five beautiful lakes surrounded by virgin forests welcome you and you may meet wildlife but please be careful because Shiretoko is home for the brown bears!

There are two ways to enjoy Shiretoko Goko Lakes. One is the elevated wooden path on which all visitors can stroll safely anytime during the visitation season for free and the other one is the ground pathway.The elevated wooden path connects from a parking lot to Lake 1, the distance is 800m, visitors should return after the observatory of Lake 1 on the same way. The height of path is 2-5 m equipped with 7000V electric barriers along the sides so that bears cannot climb it.

The ground pathway consists of two routes, one is a small loop from Shiretoko Goko Lakes Field House to the end of the elevated wooden path (Lake 1) via Lake 2 at a distance of 1.6km, another is a big loop from Field House to Lake 5, Lake 4, Lake 3, Lake 2 to the elevated wooden pathway at a distance of 3 km. The grand path has strict rules to protect the ecosystem.
The visitors can usually walk freely after attending a simple 10min lecture (extra charge) but during bear aware season (May 10 - July31), the visitors should be led by a licensed guide (extra charge : please refer to the official website for more information). The pathway also closes sometimes when a bear appears too close to protect the visitors.

I love both Lake 1 and Lake 2. I think Lake 1 is the most beautiful lake when the snow covered Shiretoko mountain tops reflect on the lake. Lake 2 is the largest one among the five. The other three lakes keep a quiet and mysterious atmosphere due to less visitors.

The Shiretoko Nature Center and Furepe Waterfall are also great to see. The center is about 6 km West from Shiretoko Goko Lakes and it provides information and exhibitions about the national park. The Furepe Waterfall is at the cliff of the peninsula, a 20 min walk from the center. The waterfall also can be seen by the sightseeing cruiser.

You can meet the three kings of each wildlife in Shiretoko if you are lucky, brown bears on the land, sea eagles in the sky and killer whale in the sea!

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