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Professional guide of Hokkaido(Japan)

Fumihiko Hayashi (Manager of the dormitory)

Including some cultural aspects of Sapporo and Hokkaido, I have written some useful and attractive points of each sightseeing spot


I have visited so many sightseeing spots in and around Sapporo and impressed , so that I have a good deal of the stock on knowledge, on such from major to unique ones, of the places. As a professional guide, I qualified the lesson for welcoming non-Japanese guests to the Shinto Shrine and Buddhist Temple, so that I can proudly help the visitor for their learning about Japanese spirits. Of course I am quite well-known about the location and public transportation system of Sapporo, enabling me to assist with the visitor, on advising.


Manager of the dormitory

Manager of the dormitory for non-Japanese students staying in Sapporo


Shinichi Ishikawa (Licensed guide-English, Authorized Tour Conductor)

 I selected the sites which have been really satisfied with the foreign tourist I have guided. And I added interesting little-known information which were obtained by myself or my networks.


I’m particularly familiar with Hokkaido University as a graduate and the central whole sale foods market in Sapporo. Through my hobbies as taking photos and cooking, I can advise you beautiful scenery of four seasons, and tasty foods and great restaurants. 


Licensed guide-English, Authorized Tour Conductor

I am also the Guide-Interpreter in Sapporo area and have attained the authorized tour conductor in Japan. I have grown up in Sapporo, and graduated from the elementary, junior high, and high school and the university in Sapporo. So, I can recommend you almost all tourist spots not only in Sapporo, but also in Hokkaido

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