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てんぶす那覇 Tenbusu Naha

  • Other Experience / Activity
  • Around Naha and Shuri
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  • Closed2nd and 4th Monday of every month, New Year Holidays

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Around Naha and Shuri
3-2-10 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa 900-0013, Japan
  • Other Experience / Activity
Opening Hours
[Tue-Sun]9:00-22:00, [Mon]9:00-18:00(Except holidays)
2nd and 4th Monday of every month, New Year Holidays
Date of post:2015/06/22

Kokusai Street – North part

  • Traditional Entertainment

If you have limited hours to spend on Kokusai street, it’s recommended to choose either south or north area. Both have places to find selected local products (Washita Shop in south, Hapi Naha in north) and museum (one in Tenbusu Naha in south, one in Department Ryubo in south). So, if you are looking for some Japanese books (at Junkudo in north) and souvenirs (at Junkudo and HapiNaha in north), and hand-craft making experience (Tenbusu Naha), I would recommend North area.

Tenbusu Naha, a complex cultural building has Naha City Tourism Information Counter on the 1st floor. They have bilingual staff and introduce some Okinawan tours as well. You can find brochures for many tourism spots in Naha and Okinawa.

On the second floor, Naha City Traditional Arts and Crafts Center is located with an exhibition room for Okinawan traditional art crafts and a work shop. You can experience to make some traditional craft items. There is no bilingual staff but they have accepted some English speakers in the past. You can directly go there or e-mail to make class reservations. It is recommended to choose Bingata (dyed cloth), Ryukyu lacquer ware, or Shuri cloth, which you can take them home with you on the same day.

If you don’t have time to try art crafts, you can just visit their exhibition room next door. It introduces history of Okinawan hand crafts, including Tsuboya Pottery, Bingata Dyeing, Shuri Cloth, and Ryukyu Glass through videos and actual beautiful art crafts that you don’t see at souvenir shops. My favorite art pieces there are kimono made of Shuri Cloth because of the sophisticated patterns and beautiful colors, which is a result of pursuit in making ultimate cloths for Royal families and samurai class people in the Shuri castle town.

On the opposite of Naha City Traditional Arts and Crafts Center on the second floor, there is a souvenir shop which carries a wide range of Okinawan hand craft items, especially sophisticated ones. They have tea cups made in Okinawa to be used in the Japanese tea ceremony, which you may not find in many other shops.

Add: 3-2-10 Makishi, Naha City (Zip 900-0013)
Tel: 098-868-7810
Business hour: 0900-2200 (Administrative Office)
Parking: Toll parking on the basement floor

Naha City Tourism Information Counter
Add: Tenbusu Naha 1st floor, 3-2-10 Makishi, Naha City (Zip 900-0013)
Business hour: 0900-2000 (everyday)
Tel: 098-868-4887

Naha City Traditional Arts and Crafts Center
Add: Tenbusu Naha 2 F, 3-2-10 Makishi, Naha City (Zip 900-0013)
Business hour : 0900-1800 (Exhibition room), 1000-2000 (Gift shop),
Tel: 098-868-7866
Admission: ¥310 (JPY) for adult, ¥200 (JPY) for high school students, ¥100 (JPY) for junior high school students and below (Exhibition room)
Website: (Exhibition room) (Gift shop)

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