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ふくぎや(国際通り店) Fukugiya(Kokusai Street)

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  • Naha/Shuri
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3-29-67 Kumoji, Naha, Okinawa 900-0015, Japan
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Date of post:2015/06/22

Irresistible sweet scent from Fukugiya

  • Shopping

The shopping street in Naha city, opened in 1934 after the prefectural office and prefectural police department were relocated from the harbor side towns, Nishi-machi and Higashi-machi. The street was the first area developed in the capital of Okinawa, after the WWII, so it was called “Miracle one mile” as well. The current name, Kokusai-dori, meaning International Street, was given after the war. There used to be a play house, a movie theater, shops where locals would be fascinated about, but the shops around the street were switched to souvenir shops due to some circumstances. To attract locals again as well as visitors, related people have been making efforts, and now there are some places where locals love to go to.

It is a nice shopping area if you just have even a couple of hours in Okinawa. The street stretches from South, Asato Area to the North, Kumoji Area. Both areas have monorail stations. Depending on what you like, you can either visit north or south area of the street. If you like a department store and cakes, south area is recommended.

Fukugiya is a baumkuchen factory and shop, born in Okinawa. The shop is a little walk for about 10 minute from Ryubo Department Store, but it’s totally worth to visit. From the outside, you can smell the unexperienced sweet scent coming from the factory. Their main product is baumkuchen, made with selected local grown brown sugar, salt, honey and egg. There are three choices, Fukugi (plain), Gajyumaru (brown sugar), and Beni-no-ki (purple potato). Since they are made with natural ingredients, their expiration dates are short, but you would love to give it to someone you care about. Their another product is “Cocoron”, which is like an evolved version of Chinsukou, Okinawan cookie. It is totally different from regular Chinsukou for its selected and unique ingredients, and it tastes almost like almond poodle cookie.

Add: 3-29-67 Kumoji, Naha City (Zip 900-8006)
Tel: 098-863-9006
Open : 1000 ~ 2200 (everyday)
Parking: No (A 20-minute free parking ticket for Ichigin Parking is provided if you purchase more than 2,000 JPY)

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