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パレットくもじ Palette Kumoji

  • Composite facilities
  • Around Naha and Shuri
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Around Naha and Shuri
1-1-1 Kumoji, Naha-shi, Okinawa 900-0015, Japan
  • Composite facilities
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Date of post:2015/06/19

The only department store on Okinawa has so much to offer

  • Shopping

According to the interview poll conducted by a housing company in March 2015 to people in Tokyo about which prefecture and town they like to move to after their retirement, Okinawa Prefecture and Naha City came on the top. Maybe you can understand the reason if you stay in an accommodation in Naha city, use the mono railway to explore the area, visit historical places, parks, local grocery stores or shop at Ryubo Department Store, where you can find almost everything.

Varieties that this department store offers are so amazing. On the basement floor, you can experience fun depa-chika grocery shopping and restaurants. Beside grocery shopping section, they have take-out cafes (salad, fresh juice bar, Italian, bakery, Belgium waffle, Okinawan food, etc.), and restaurants (Okinawan, Italian, Chinese, Japanese), a select specialty store, and a liquor store.

The south side of the 1st floor is full of sophisticated confectionery stores, ranged from Okinawan sweets and tea, mainland Japanese tea cakes and tea, Godiva, and even a nice Italian café, where you can have light meal and coffee and wine as well. The other side has cosmetics and women’s accessories.

Mainly the 2nd through 4th floors have women’s clothes and 5th floor is men’s. The men’s floor has tremendous selection of “Kariyushi wear”, Okinawan style Aloha shirts, to for business scenes or casual occasions. You can find both reasonable priced stores and high fashion brands as well.

The 2nd floor has two cafes, Afternoon Tea Room and Climax Café. Lala Street, located next to the escalator, has some organic cosmetics section.

The 3rd floor has a restaurant, “yutori no kukan”, which run by a famous Japanese female cook (or gourmet scholar), Ms. Harumi Kurihara.

The 4th floor has Naha City Museum of History, where you can see Ryukyu King’s crown and other royal family’s items, and more.

6th floor must be a place for you to find Japanese or Okinawan style housewares or gifts, such as a bento box, tableware, and chopsticks, etc.

7th floor has Kimono shop, where you can find formal kimono with big price tags to budget-friendly summer casual kimono, Yukata during the season. There are stationary shop, record shop, and a big book store also.

8th floor has two very popular Japanese zakka stores, Franc franc, where you can find fashionable and sleek items, ranged stationary, electronic products, to table wares and even furniture. And another store, MUJI, offers simple and practical household and daily items.

The top floor, 9th floor have a movie theater, civic play hall, and four restaurants, Okinawan vegetable buffet restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Okinawa noodle place, and a pasta restaurant.

If you are too tired to go inside, you can find a place to sit and enjoy goodies on the first floor. Mos Burger, the Japanese favorite burger shop, and Blue Seal Ice Cream, the Okinawan brand ice cream eat-in parlor or Café Gino for coffee, wine and light meal.

Add: 1-1-1 Kumoji, Naha City
Tel: (098)867-1171
Open: 1000 ~ 2100/2200 (basement), 1000-2100 (1st, 2nd), 1000-2100 (3rd-8th)
Note: Hours of operation - hour can be changed, so check the home page.
Parking: Basement, and three other locations

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