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座喜味城跡 Zakimi Castle Ruins

  • Historical sites
  • The middle part of the main island of Okinawa
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The middle part of the main island of Okinawa
708-6 Zakimi, Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 904-0301, Japan
  • Historical sites
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Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/06/19

World Cultural Heritage site : castle with elegant curved ramparts and the oldest arched stone gate in Okinawa

  • Castle

Yomitan Village attracts both locals and visitors with its beautiful sceneries of natural coat line and farm lands, beautiful diving and swimming spots, rich cultures including pottery, textile and sanshin (Okinawan three-string guitar), old folk house restaurants and bakeries, local grown foods, JAL Alivila Hotel, and Zakimi Castle. The village is located on a peninsula on West coast of central, right off from Route 58, the major high way, and it’s very worth to spend a day to see and experience the charming village.

The castle is the must-see site in the village and it is one of the nine World Heritage sites in Okinawa. Among the five designated castles, this castle is very lucky for remaining its best and beautiful castle wall and the oldest arched stone gate, which survived WWII.

The castle was built by Gosamaru, a famous Ryukyuan lord in 1420’s after he assisted the soon-to-be first Ryukyu King, Shohashi, with his punitive expedition of Hokuzan King at Nakijin Castle. In 1956, it was designated as Important Cultural Property by Government of the Ryukyu Islands during U.S. occupation, and after the Okinawa’s reversion to Japan in 1972, it was designated as National Historic Site.

It is located on a hill, so it comes with an amazing view. Not to mention the ocean, you can see Zamami Islands and mountains in the north as well. As seeing ships and airplanes passing by in the quiet place, you cannot help to imagine what was seen from this castle back in the 15th century.

The inside of the castle has a tended grass area and the outside of the castle wall has nice pine trees and benches, yet no admission fee! So, you can just go there for lunch picnic as well. There is a museum and a toilet in the entrance area.

Add: 708-6 Zakimi, Yomitan Village (Zip: 904-0301)
Tel: 098-958-3141 (Yomitan Village Museum of History)
Open : 24-7
Admission: Free
Time to spend: 20 min ~

Yomitan Village Museum of History
Add: 708-4 Zakimi, Yomitan Village (Zip: 904-0301)
Tel: 098-958-3141
Open : 0900-1700 (Entrance by 1630)
Close: Monday, holidays, and during the New Year holidays
Admission: 200 JPY for adults, 50 JPY for high school students and under

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