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美浜アメリカンビレッジ Mihama American Village

  • The middle part of the main island of Okinawa
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The middle part of the main island of Okinawa
15-69 Mihama, Chatan-cho Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 904-0115, Japan
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Date of post:2015/06/19

The San Diego of Okinawa : casual shopping, dining, and perfect for nice strolls

  • Marine Activities

The whole coastal area from Araha Beach to Sunset Beach on West coast of the central area is recommended for relaxing beach walk, swimming, or just shopping and trying casual cuisines at American Village in its Okinawan-American mixed culture. The area has many parking spots and everything is gathered in one location, so it’s so convenient to have some casual good time. There is JUSCO (a supermarket) for souvenirs and grocery shopping, a movie theater, and various restaurants, and three Starbucks, and more. It is one of the most popular places for young locals and tourists, but there are places for matured ones as well.

Mihama American Village, located right off from Route 58 towards the coast area, consists of some unique-looking buildings with many small shops in them. It is a fun place just peak in all the various shops or to try some casual foods, ranged from Okinawan, Japanese, Indian, Thai, to American. If you like to find fine Okinawan paintings, check out Akara Gallery Shop and Bokunen Museum (

For swimming or marine sports in the central area of Okinawa, you have two options in Chatan Town, Mihama Sunset Beach and Araha Beach. Both beaches have nets to secure the swimming areas from jelly fish, but it’s recommended to wear protective clothes. But it is just so nice just to walk from one beach to another beach as well, which takes about 20 minutes. You’ll see some locals and Americans walking or jogging as well early morning and in the evening. Araha Beach is a little quieter than Sunset Beach because it’s a little far from the hotels in Mihama area.

This coastal area used to be American military bases and returned in 1981, and Sunset Beach was completed in 1989, Araha Park in 1997, American Village in 2005. This area became the center of the town now attracts many people to come enjoy vocational time or to move in. And actually this area is still expanding to the both sides, ocean and the mountain sides, and more business and residential areas have been developed.

American Village
Add: 16 Mihama, Chatan-cho
Tel: 098-926-5678 (Chatan Tourism Office)
Business hours: 0900-1800
Free parking: In front of the buildings

Sunset Beach
Add: 2 Mihama, Chatan Town
Tel: 098-936-8273 (Sunset Beach Administrative Office)
Business hours: 0900-1800
Free parking: 0800-0600 (Chatan Public Parking in front of JUSCO)

Swimming-permitted hours: 0900-1800 (1 Apr~30 Jun), 0900-1900 (1 Jul~31 Aug), 0900-1800 (1 Sep~30 Sep), 0900-1730 (1 Oct~31 Oct), 0900-1700 (1 Nov~30 Nov),

Rental items: Beach bed (1,000 JPY), parasol (1,500 JPY), valley ball (500 JPY), float mat (1,000 JPY), bed set (two beds and a parasol)

Facilities: Swimming beach area (with a beach life guard), administrative office (reception counter for rental items), a drink parlor, toilet (free), shower room (100 JPY for 3 min), a vending machine for shampoo and hair conditioner, rocker room (200 JPY for one time), BBQ tent area

For BBQ reservation, contact the below. All-included package plans are available, and you can make reservation anytime, even on the same day unless a BBQ spot is available.
Tel: 098-936-8273 (Sunset Beach Administrative Office)
Office hour: 0900-1800 hrs

For marine sports reservation
Tel: 098-926-0880 (All Marine Chatan)
Add: 54 Mihama, Chatan Town (Rm.17, 1F of Uminchu Warf)
Open : 0900-1800

Araha Beach
Facilities: Swimming beach area (with a beach life guard), administrative office, shoppet (reception counter for BBQ), toilet (free), shower room (100 JPY), rocker room (200 JPY for one time), BBQ tent area, rental conference room, vending machines, change room,

Regarding swimming hours
Tel: 098-936-2680 (Araha Beach Administrative Office)
Swimming-permitted hours: 0900-1800 (varies on a season)

For BBQ reservation, just visit the Beach Shop or call them. They have package plans.
Tel: 098-936-9442 (Araha Beach Shoppet)
Business hour: 0900-1800

For marine sports reservation
Tel: 098-936-2068 (Chatan Uminchu No Kai)

If you need language assistance, the below offices can help you.

Chatan Town Tourism Information Center
Tel: 098-926-4455 (English speaker is available)
Open : 1000-1900, everyday
Add: 16-2 Mihama, Chatan-cho

Multilingual Call Center
Tel: 0570-077201 (English)
Skype ID: call-center-en01 / call-center-en02 (English)
Available: 0900-2100 (1 Apr 2015~31 Mar 2016)

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