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斎場御嶽 Sefa-Utaki

  • Historical sites
  • Nanjo/Yaese
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  • Price Range大人(高校生以上) 300 (JPY)
    小・中学生 150 (JPY)
  • ClosedIrregularly, See website for details

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Chinen-kudeken, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa 901-1511, Japan
  • Historical sites
Opening Hours
[March-October]9:00-18:00(The ticket office closes at 17:15), [November-February]9:00-17:30(The ticket office closes at 16:45)
Irregularly, See website for details
Price Range
大人(高校生以上) 300 (JPY)
小・中学生 150 (JPY)
Date of post:2015/06/18

An important sacred space for Okinawan people

  • Nature Walks

“Utaki” means “sacred space”. There are many sacred places in Okinawa, and out of the many sacred places, Sefa-utaki was the key location of worship in the Ryukyu Kingdom. It was originally a sacred space for the royalties during the Ryukyu Kingdom period, and even after the kingdom ceased, the place remained an important sacred space for the Okinawan people.

After Sefa-utaki became part of the UNESCO world heritage sites, more and more people began to visit, making the sacred place a popular tourist attraction. Sefa-utaki has a revering atmosphere that would make you feel immersed in it.

Some of the features of the place remain the same as they were during the kingdom, such as a worship stage made out of stone. If you keep walking through the mountain trails, you will reach a flat land. There, you will see the most sacred altar, “Sangui”. Sangui is created by two rocks, forming a triangle-shaped tunnel. Beyond this tunnel, you can get an excellent view of “Kudaka-jima (Kudaka Island)”.

Before going to Sefa-utaki, you should dress accordingly, as there are some slippery grounds and insects such as mosquitoes might cause some harm.

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