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Top Recommended Hotels in Japan
Our pick of the best accommodation in Japan

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Japan's capital with a population of over 13 million, Tokyo is a city that combines both the modern and the traditional. Head to Harajuku to enjoy the youth culture, and to Asakusa for a more traditional ambiance. Tokyo is also a great foodie destination, with a rich and diverse range of food to try!

Popular hotels in Tokyo

Located 1 hour away by air and less than 3 hours away by bullet train from Tokyo, Osaka is Japan's second city. It is mostly known for its food culture and its outgoing, fun energy. It is home to historical sites such as Osaka Castle as well as modern areas like the Universal Studios Japan.

Popular hotels in Osaka

Located only 15 minutes away from Osaka by bullet train, Kyoto was Japan's capital between 794 and 1868. It is famous for its countless well-preserved temples and shrines as well as traditional gardens and teahouses. Kyoto is a mysterious historical city that is fascinating to discover!

Popular hotels in Kyoto

The largest city in Kyushu, located 1.5 hours away from Tokyo by air. Fukuoka is the home of tonkotsu ramen, famous for its thick stock made from boiling pork bones. Motsu-nabe, a stew made from offal, is another popular local food that originated in Fukuoka.

Popular hotels in Fukuoka

A popular tourist destination located in the northernmost part of Japan famous for its wilderness and delicious food. Enjoy activities such as canoeing, rafting, and hiking in summer and skiing and snowboarding on world-famous powder snow in winter. Don't forget to taste local foods such as miso ramen, grilled lamb, and fresh seafood.

Popular hotels in Hokkaido

Popular Ryokan (traditional Japanese inns)

The prices may vary depending on the time of booking and the room type.