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    Japan's capital with a population of over 13 million. It has both faces of urban modern city and old traditional city. In Harajuku, you can enjoy cool and kawaii young culture and if you want to feel the air of tradition you can go to Asakusa. It is also a capital of world fine gourmets and you can enjoy anything you want from all over the world.

    Popular hotels in Tokyo

    The second largest city in Japan located in the western part of Japan. It takes 1 hour by air and 2.5 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo. It has a rich cuisine culture from luxury fine dining to casual food such as Shabu-shabu, Sushi, Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. Osaka Castle and Dotonbori are must see spots.

    Popular hotels in Osaka

    Ancient capital of Japan located next to Osaka. Its historical landscapes are well conserved and we can enjoy to slip back in time to Heian period, running from 794 to 1185. There are thousands of temples and shrines in Kyoto. Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-dera are top popular temples.

    Popular hotels in Kyoto

    The largest city in Kyushu, southern part of Japan, is 1.5 hours away from Tokyo by air. A home of Tonkotsu Ramen which is famous for its thick soup made from boiling pork bones. Motsu-nabe, a stew made with guts portions of various types of meat, is also popular local food originated in Fukuoka.

    Popular hotels in Fukuoka

    Popular tourist destination located in the northernmost part of Japan is famous for its nature and great food. In summer you can enjoy many activities such as canoe, rafting and hiking etc. In winter you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding on world famous powdery snow. Don't forget to taste local foods such as Miso Ramen, mutton BBQ and fresh seafood.

    Popular hotels in Hokkaido

    Popular Ryokan [Japanese-style Inns]

    Rates may vary by room type and time of reservation.