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Professional guide of Kyoto(Japan)

Toshio SANUKI (Licensed guide - English)

I selected carefully the sightseeing spots where I actually visited and can recommend to customers. Together with basic information, I introduced the place as if you were there with me.


Adaptability depending on my knowledges and experiences


Licensed guide - English

Beside jobs as a licensed guide, I do jobs of developing internet English learning materials on specialised fields, which include from economics to high energy physics, for graduate students.


Grandma with Glasses (Licensed guide - English)

Take one step inside Kyoto, spots where you will be able to feel genuine Kyoto atmosphere without being disturbed by congestion


As I am a grandmother I can tell you something different from grandmother’s point of view.


Licensed guide - English

I have a 5-year experience as an English speaking tourguide. I don’t think I’m a superior guide but I’m doing my best whenever I accompany my guests from my experience as a tour leader for Japanese tourists domestically and internationally. I am mainly guiding in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara.

TAKEHIKO OIZUMI (PINE, wheelchair- accessible- taxi owner driver)

Kyoto is a city that characterizes the new alongside the old. I select the Kyoto's concept.


I can guide people of both the aged and the disabled to places of interest in Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. The van of mine is available and very convenient because we have little public transportation there.


PINE, wheelchair- accessible- taxi owner driver

I am a certified English-speaking tour guide, caregiver, and taxi driver. The van can accommodate 5 〜 6 passengers including 1 or 2 wheelchairs and their luggage.

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