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法善寺 Hozen Temple

  • Buildings (Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals)
  • Minami (Shinsaibashi / Nanba) Area
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Minami (Shinsaibashi / Nanba) Area
1-2-16 Namba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0076, Japan
  • Buildings (Temples / Shrines / Cathedrals)
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Date of post:2015/05/12

A cozy temple of Osakan nostalgia

  • Temple / Shrine

Hozenji Temple is located on the small area of Hozenji street. It is only a few blocks away from the busy Dotonbori area, this quiet area which sheds a subtle scent of incense sticks soothes your heart.

The Hozenji Temple has been popular among local people as "Mizukake Fudo - san", which means to water the statue of Fudo Myoo. That's why you will see the statue completely covered with the mos. The Temple and its surrounding area were very popular during the Meiji to Showa periods, but it was burnt down during the war except for the statue of Fudo Myoo.

Fudo Myoo, Acala is believed to get rid of pains and obstacles, and to help your dream come true. Since there has been quite a few rakugo - houses and theatres, men in show business, and entertainers would often visit here to pray for their success.

When you make a wish, you water the statue of Fudo Myoo. There is one requirement: do not splash the water to the upper body of the statue. Rather, water gently to his shoulder areas, which is because like us, it would not be pleasant for Fudo Myoo to have water splashed on the face, according to the lady in the temple office.

It is a small temple, and it is nice to walk around small streets made of stones in the evening as the chochin lanterns are lighten up. There is a café called "Meouto Zenzai" in front of the Hozenji Temple. You can enjoy Zenzai, a traditional Japanese dessert soup made of azuki beans. Zenzai are served in two bowels for one serving, which implies the couple will get along together like two bowls. Zenzai was a little too sweet for me, but as the serving wasn't that much, I could finish it. (If you are not the sweet tooth yet would like to try for a bit, order one serving and share with your buddy)

Date of post:2015/04/23

Hozenji Temple is very small temple now but has long history. All of visitors are fascinated by the moss-covered statue

  • Temple / Shrine

You will be surprised to know how small Hozenji Temple is! The temple is located along the tiny paved streets in the busy Minami entertainment district. It is crowded with tourists and local residents who come here to pray for the Fudo Myoo in the small temple shrine.

The temple was founded in the 17th century as Jodo sect Buddhist temple. It is said a lady started pouring water on the statue praying for her wish to come true. The custom unique to the temple has been practiced up to now resulting in the perfect moss-covered green statue. Another small shrine, with a maritime deity, called Konpira-do hall is also enshrined. The temple, which used to be larger and prosperous with “one thousand-days of prayer” ritual, was called Sennichiji, (one-thousand-day temple).

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