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国営明石海峡公園Akashi Kaikyo National Gorvernment Park

  • Walk around (Squares / Parks)
  • Awaji Island
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  • ClosedFirst Monday of February and the next day, Year-End and New Year Holidays (From 31 December to 1 January)

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Awaji Island
8-10 Yumebutai, Awaji-shi, Hyogo, 656-2306, Japan
  • Walk around (Squares / Parks)
Opening Hours
[April-August] 9:30-18:00, [September-October・March] 9:30-17:00, [November-February] 9:30-16:30
First Monday of February and the next day, Year-End and New Year Holidays (From 31 December to 1 January)
Date of post:2015/06/19

For those who love flowers and green plants

  • Nature Walks

Those who loves nature and parks, this is it! The park is loaded with green plants and flowers.

In the vast park area stretching more than 300 hectares, you could take a walk, have a picnic, enjoy seasonal flowers, and immense yourself in peaceful nature. You will run into a lot of picturesque scenery in the park, and you will be able to take memorable pictures with your significant other. It would absolutely be a great activity for families, couples and friends.

Awaji Yumebutai is a multipurpose building complex that includes a conference center, restaurants and the Westin Awaji Island hotel. The park and Yumebutai are adjacent to each other, so if you love flowers, drop by Kiseki no Hoshi Botanical Museum (¥600 (JPY) per adult) in Yumebutai. There are flowers and plants displayed from all over the world. You will enjoy the art of flowers which are delicately presented in each theme.

Access tips:
Awaji Island is located in the south of Hyogo prefecture. There are several ways to get to Awaji Island. You could drive to Awaji Island, or take express busses from Sannomiya / Maiko. It would take 1 hour and costs approximately ¥1500 (JPY).

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Date of post:2015/06/18

The wonderful panoramic view tempts you of the world of healing

  • Nature Walks

This park is the national government managed park and also the venue of JAPAN FLORA 2000.

The themes of the park are “live together the realms of nature and humanity” and “interaction of people”.

This huge area is around 40 hectares and it is like a seaside resort used flowers, sea, and island. The flowers seasonally in full bloom make the scenery of typical of Awaji Island. For example, tulips are most popular flower as a poem of spring. And lupines and carnations are also in full bloom. The production quantity of carnations in Awaji Island is top class in Japan and a lot of carnations are shipped to other prefectures for “Mother’s Day” every May. They are held the summer festival and the festival of plants that bloom during the autumn.

“Yumekko Land” in the lawn field is very popular among children. It features the theme for “wind”, “fire”, and “flower” including 150 playground equipments. So not only children but also dogs can run around as much as they want at the open space with grass. You can also borrow a ball without charge more enjoyable.

There are barbecue sites installed kitchen, sink cabinet, and hearth. Let’s cook outdoor on a barbecue grill with your friends or families being exposed to the sea-breeze.

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