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高山昭和館 Takayama Showa Kan

  • Culture / Art / History
  • Around Takayama
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Around Takayama
Shimoichi-nomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-0843, Japan
  • Culture / Art / History
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Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/07/23

Slip Back in Time to the Showa Period

  • Historic / Cultural Experiences

The Takayama Showa Museum is a museum reproducing the cityscape and people’s lifestyles in the Showa Period (1926-89). It was the time when Japan turned to militarism during the two world wars, and also the time when Japan achieved rapid economic growth from the ashes of defeat.

In the museum, there are recreations of restaurants, appliance store, barber, toy store, post office, movie theater, private home, classroom and many others. The walls are filled with posters in those ages, and many products and personal belongings are displayed. The displayed things for example are radios, washing goods, cigarettes, magazines, aluminum school lunch sets, etc. Those are all typical items in Showa period. Here, you can imagine the lifestyle of the time when Japanese wasn’t rich or modern as now, and feel the nostalgic atmosphere. By looking back at the old times, we can know that Japan had struggled to become an economic big country, and think about the direction of Japan and other countries from now on.

Next to the entrance and exit, there is a small candy store. It sells cheap candies and toys from ¥10. It’s cheap enough to buy many for your friends. You can get a good souvenir.

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