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Nagoya, Takayama(Aichi, Gifu)

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Professional guide of Nagoya, Takayama(Aichi, Gifu)(Japan)

Yuji Ito  (Licensed guide - English)

Kanazawa, which is easy to access by Hokuriku Shinkansen, and sightseeing spots in the Chubu region (Toyama, Gifu and Aich prefecture)


I guide all over Japan.


Licensed guide - English

Work related to English and Creation (translation, teacher, writing, photo, web, art, etc) as well as a guide interpreter.


Hank Watanabe (Engineer/Project Manager)

Aichi and Gifu are the treasure houses of Warring States period, and High-tech Car industry. If you have one or two days when you move from Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka, I can show you the charm points of this area just quickly!


I'm familiar with Japanese traditional culture. (Judo (I have black belt), Shodo (Calligraphy), Kabuki, Sado (Tea ceremony), etc.) I have also much interest for western culture as well, (Classical Music, Art, Literature, Architecture). I'm good at guiding Chubu and Kansai area comparing with different culture.


Engineer/Project Manager

I used to live in the United States, also I have long stay experience in Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Mexico, India and South Africa as an engineer. I have experienced and learned much about foreign culture. Therefore I can tell you about Japan more deeply and in a different aspect.


Kana Suzuki (Licensed guide - English)

Many travelers visit Tokyo and Kyoto, but there are many more wonderful places between those cities, like Nagoya or Takayama! Why don’t you take a side trip?


In addition to standard tourist sites, I also love to explore sites and events for family with kids and for fashionable girls. My tour filled with friendly smiles and sincerity is well received by many visitors of all ages.


Licensed guide - English

After experiencing trip/area information magazine publishing in Tokyo and making tourist leaflets in Kansai, I’m now showing visitors around Nagoya as a tour guide. I would be happy if I could give some tips for you to gain a much better understanding of the real country and get some new angle of life through my tour.

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