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奥庭 Okuniwa

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  • Around Fujigoko
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Around Fujigoko
Narusawa-mura Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, 401-0320, Japan
  • Walk around (Other Walks / City Walking)
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Date of post:2015/07/14

A garden that tengu played

  • Walking

Okuniwa is a short walking course at Mt. Fuji 4.5th level. It is an easy walk for about 30-40minutes and the view of Mt. Fuji is spectacular. The place is also popular for bird watching as it is one of very few places in Mt. Fuji where water can be found.

The trail starts at Okuniwa Parking located before Mt. Fuji 5th station. The bus from Kawaguchiko station to Mt. Fuji 5th station stops here if there is any passenger to get on or off. The first 5 minutes is a descent on a stone-paved path. Then, there is a rest house which serves some foods and sells souvenirs. In front of the rest house is a big stone with a mask of tengu, an imaginary figure of a long-nosed goblin. According to the legend, the stone was brought by tengu from the top of Mt. Fuji. It was a stepping stone for tengu to transcend to another world. Okuniwa is said to be a playground of tengu.

After another 5-10minutes walk, you reach an observation point where you have an extensive view of southern Japanese Alps or sea of clouds depending on a weather condition.

All in all, it is a pleasant walk to enjoy nature and a view of Mt. Fuji. The place is well visited by tourists but not crowded like Mt. Fuji 5th station. Highly recommended.

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