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Around Mount Fuji(Shizuoka, Yamanashi)

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Professional guide of Around Mount Fuji(Shizuoka, Yamanashi)(Japan)

Amiha (Licensed guide - English)

Welcome to the authentic world of Mt. Fuji beyond mere sightseeing spots.


I guide tourists to places of beauty and interest that I found through walking around and talking with natives in Mt. Fuji and Fuji Five Lake area.


Licensed guide - English

I am an English-speaking tour guide specialized in Mt. Fuji and Fuji Five Lake area. I also work in the information center at Mt. Fuji 5th Station as a Fujisan navigator. It is my great joy to convey beauties and stories associated with Mt. Fuji.

Hiroshi Takahashi (Licensed guide - English)

The articles are for visitors to think about the cultural aspects of Mt. Fuji, which the Japanese have been worshipped, not only just show the scenic beauty of the volcanic mountain.


Having visited most of the tourist spots in Japan, I’ll propose you the best plan arranging World Heritage sites, national parks, Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, local cuisines, and other historical and cultural spots.


Licensed guide - English

As a tour-guide for foreign visitors, I’ll propose a sightseeing plan flexibly based on their requests and offer them the best one maximizing the limited time of their stay in Japan.


Hiroyo Aizawa (Licensed guide - English)

Enjoy Shizuoka - the home of Mt. Fuji! Mt Fuji is more than magnificent views and climbing trails. It is an integral part of craftsmanship, agriculture and fishing in our prefecture. Let me introduce you to the food that comes from around the mountain and the products that show the importance of this symbolic mountain in our culture.


I was born and brought up in Shizuoka prefecture which is blessed with mild climate and is the home of Mt Fuji. After living in Tokyo and in England, I eventually returned to Shizuoka. I am a certified Japanese tea instructor and it is my great pleasure to connect visitors from abroad who love green tea and Japan’s biggest tea producers. I wish to help you learn more about the charms and attractions of our beautiful prefecture. Welcome to Shizuoka!


Licensed guide - English

I have had a lot of experience working as a guide for international conference excursions, observation and invitation tours, FIT tours and for VIP guests. My experiences also include visiting a tea factory, visiting a food manufacturer as an interpreter for an inspection, translating brochures for sightseeing and events, translating patent and business documents, and the like.

Setsuko Hamai  (Licensed guide - English, part-time English teacher)

Through my guiding experiences, I sincerely introduce the very best sightseeing spots, special local products and various souvenirs here in Shizuoka which have satisfied the tourists and guests of MICE from all over the world.


Through the cross-cultural experiences gained during my overseas travels and home stays, I realized the importance of conveying Japanese culture. This inspired me to acquire guide qualifications. I am familiar with Mt. Fuji, tea culture, hot springs, Japanese ingredients, and the special historic spots of Tokugawa Ieyasu. My close guidance based on Shizuoka’s culture, history and nature has a high satisfaction rate.


Licensed guide - English, part-time English teacher

I have two qualifications, as a National Guide and the Shizuoka Local Guide Certificate. I am engaged in guiding in Shizuoka Prefecture as well as the Kanto and Kansai area. I hold additional businesses doing interpretation and translation for public institutions around Shizuoka. I am also a part-time English teacher and hold English conversation classes for general members of the public.

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