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山中温泉 ゆげ街道 Yamanaka Onsen Yuge Way

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  • Around Kagaonsen
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Around Kagaonsen
Santyuuonsenyunodemachi, Yamanakaonsen Minamimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa 922-0129, Japan
  • Walk around (Other Walks / City Walking)
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Date of post:2015/07/24

Relax in the back room of Kanazawa

  • Hot Springs

Yamanaka onsen is considered the back room of Kanazawa. The people of Kanazawa have enjoyed the hot springs since a long time ago.
Yamanaka onsen is one of the hot springs located in Kaga onsen kyo. Kaga is the old name of this region and other hot springs in the same are Yamashiro onsen, Katayamazu onsen and Awazu onsen.

Yamanaka onsen has more than 1300 year history. You can find some information about Yamanaka onsen in books of the 8th century.

One of the most famous haiku poets, Matsuo BASHO loved Yamanaka onsen very much. There is a small house, Basho-do on a walkway near the river, Kakusenkei and a small hall, Basho No Yakata where you can see data about BASHO, Yamanaka lacquerware and enjoy some drinks.

As for hot springs, Kikunoyu is a famous public hot spring. It has a long history.
Near Kikunoyu, there is a civic center, Yamanakaza. Some performances and conferences take place there. The inner of Yamanakaza was created with Yamanaka lacquerware.

There are many hotels and Japanese style inns along the Daishoji river. It is nice to stay and relax there. You can enjoy the view of the Daishoji river and a famous walkway, Kakusenkei.
And also, some hotels allow to enjoy the hot spring and food even if you are not staying there.

After enjoying a hot spring, you can walk around the onsen town. Along the main street called Yugekaido, there are some souvenir shops, sake and liquor stores, restaurants, Kutani ware shops and Yamanaka lacquerware shops.And, there are Hasebe shrine and Yakuouji temple.
And, of course, you should visit the famous natural walkway, Kakusenkei and its famous beautiful bridges, Kurotani bridge, Ayatori bridge and Koorogi bridge. But, it is better to go before enjoying the hot springs.
From spring, you can enjoy some drinks and food by the river near Ayatori bridge.
There are some experience spots where you can learn how to create porcelain or painting too.

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