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輪島の朝市 Morning Market in Wajima

  • Shopping
  • Around Noto-hanto
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  • ClosedSecond monday and fourth wednesday every month, New Year Holidays (From 1 January to 3 January)

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Around Noto-hanto
Hontyou St., Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa 928-0001, Japan
  • Shopping
Opening Hours
Second monday and fourth wednesday every month, New Year Holidays (From 1 January to 3 January)
Date of post:2015/07/24

A morning market with over 1000 years of history

  • Shopping

It takes about a few minutes from the bus stop, Wajima marine town on foot. It is near Wajima port. You can see some ships, boats, cruisers and the sea of Japan.
In 2001, Wajima train station was abolished. So, if you use public transport, a bus is the only way to reach Wajima. The morning market takes place in a street called "Asaichi-dori" and it is usually very lively with many people shopping and talking.

Wajima morning market is one of the three major morning markets in Japan. The others are "Miyagawa morning market " in Takayama city, Gifu prefecture and "Katsuura morning market" in the Chiba prefecture.

On special ceremony days of shrines in Wajima, an exchange market took place. It marks the beginning of Wajima morning market. It is said that it started in the Heian period (794-1185).
The tradition of Wajima morning market is warm communication between buyers and sellers. Actually, in the early morning, many products with no price tags are displayed on the market. And, buyers and sellers decide their prices after negotiations.

You can see many products on the market. There are fresh and dried seafood, seaweed, vegetables, sweets, flowers, lacquerware called Wajima lacquerware, porcelain called Kutani ware and original handicrafts.
It is very interesting even just walking on the street.

There are many souvenirs from cheap to expensive. This market is a very good place to find souvenirs. Actually, there are many goods that can only be bought here.

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