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鶴仙渓 Kakusenkei Gorge

  • Nature / Scenic spots (Mountain / Valleys)
  • Around Kagaonsen
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Around Kagaonsen
Yamanakaonsen Higashimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa 922-0114, Japan
  • Nature / Scenic spots (Mountain / Valleys)
Date of post:2015/07/24

Enjoy a walk in nature, good tea and relaxing

  • Nature Walks

Kakusenkei has been a famous sightseeing spot near Yamanaka onsen (Hot Spring) for over 1300 years. There are some descriptions of Yamanaka onsen in books from the 8th century. The name of Kakusenkei is derived from the name of a famous calligrapher, Kusakabe MEIKAKU of the Meiji period (1868-1912). Both of Kakusenkei and Kusakabe MEIKAKU use the same Chinese character.

Kakusenkei is a road along the Daishoji river, between Kurotani bridge and Korogi bridge. It is about 1.3 km of nature o, it is good for a short trekking or to take a walk. The road is sometimes very narrow and has natural ups and downs. There are many interesting and curious rocks, bridges and landscapes too.

Near Kurotani bridge, there is Basho-do which is a small monumental house for one of the most famous Japanese haiku poets, Matsuo BASHO. It is also one of highlights of Kakusenkei.
There are three famous bridges in total: Kurotani bridge, Ayatori bridge and Korogi bridge.

After walking through Kakusenkei, you can enjoy one of the hot springs. Even if you do not stay in a hotel, there are public hot springs. And also, there is a hot spring only for feet along Yugekaido. Yugekaido is the main street of Yamanaka onsen town. There are many souvenir shops, cafe, art galleries, shrines and many interesting places along the street.

In spring, a Japanese style cafe opens near Ayatori bridge. You can enjoy drinking a cup of tea with while looking at the landscape near the river.
There are many hotels and Japanese style inns near Kakusenkei. So, you can stay there and enjoy the view of the river and Kakusenkei. And, off course, most hotels have hot springs.

Date of post:2015/07/03

A breathtaking landscape

  • Nature Walks

Kakusenkei is the Daishoji river valley along Yamanaka hot springs. Its entire length is of 1.3 km between Kohrogi Bridge and Kurotani Bridge.

The valley is very famous for being one of the best sightseeing spots in Yamanaka hot springs and the overwhelming beauty of the gorge formed by a row of uniquely shaped rocks due to erosion has been praised as the most picturesque place in Kaga since ancient times.

The highlights are 3 unique bridges; Kohrogi Bridge, Ayatori Bridge, Kurotani Bridge. Each bridge has its own quality.
Kohrogi Bridge is an all-cypress bridge and is symbolic of Kakusenkei and Yamanaka hot springs. Actually the current bridge was rebuilt in 1990 because of it was aging, although the original one was constructed in the Edo period (1603-1868).
Ayatori Bridge which was designed by Hiroshi Teshigahara who is a Japanese film maker and the head of the Sogetsu school of flower arrangement. It exerts a powerful feeling by its distinctive shape and vivid purplish-red color.
Although the fall landscape is particularly great, there is a riverside terrace that opens near Ayatori Bridge from April 1st to October 31st and you can enjoy a superior grade of tea and special sweets created by Japanese Iron chef "Rokusaburo Michiba" while admiring the view.

Around the valley, within the district of Yamanaka Hot Springs, the morning market "Yuzaya morning market" is held every Sunday between the spring and December. And the summer festival is held every night from June 25 to August 24 as well. You can experience the real Japanese culture there.

Address: Yamanaka-onsen, Kaga
Tel: +81 (0)761 78 0330

Getting there
By train
- Limited express train: About 25 min from Kanazawa station to Kaga Onsen station. The fare is ¥1510.
- Local train: About 60 min from Kanazawa station to Kaga Onsen station. The fare is ¥760.

By bus
- Route bus: About 30 min from Kaga Onsen station. Get off at "Kohrogi-bashi". The fare is ¥460.
- Kaga Yunosato express bus: About 70 min (sea course) or 100 min (mountain course) from Kanazawa station. Get off at "Kikunoyu-mae". The fare is ¥1350.

By taxi
- About 20 min from Kaga Onsen station. The fare is about ¥3000.
- About 35 min from Komatsu airport. The fare is about ¥7000.

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