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浦賀 Uraga

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Other Kanagawa areas
Uraga, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa, 239-0822, Japan
  • Walk around (Other Walks / City Walking)
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Date of post:2015/06/15

Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of a small harbour

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Located on the east side of the Miura peninsula in Kanagawa prefecture, it features natural beauty with a small harbour. Also it’s a part of Uraga channel, and has been playing an important role for the traffic route. There is a steep estuary, which divides Uraga into two parts, the west and the east. To go to the other side, there is a ferry running between the two. It’s only 3 minutes trip on the sea, but you can view the Uraga bay and the former sites of the building dock. The history of the ferry dates back to the Edo period, and the shape of the ferry was modelled after the one which was used those days.

On both sides of the land, there is a shrine called Kano Jinja Shrine, which are worshipped by the people who hope their wishes come true. The name “Kano” means “hopes come true”. The ferry is still used by locals and tourists who visit the shrines.

Historically, in the beginning of 18th century, the office to keep order for the harbour was placed, of which those roles were assigned by the Edo Feudal Government. In addition to the fact, there were salt merchants who played an active role here, and the town thrived. Also processed marine products were sold in the area, some storehouses were built and some of them still remain. You will notice them very soon, as those look obviously old which are made of stones and clay.

There is one more important thing to tell you about Uraga. This place is well known as a place where American commodore Matthew Perry came to urge the Edo Government to open the country to the world. Japan was in the middle of a period of seclusion during the Edo period, and two American squadrons came to Uraga bay, which made Japanese startled as they had never seen such a big ship before. With this ship’s visit as a start, the history of Japan went on greatly to the new phase.

The current landscape might be too peaceful to imagine that the event actually happened about 150 years ago, but if you know the facts, your walk must be a bit more exciting.

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