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築地場内市場(東京都中央卸売市場築地市場) Tsukiji Fish Market(Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market)

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Tsukiji Area
Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
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Date of post:2015/09/28

The place you enjoy best Sushi in the world!

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Official name is Tokyo central wholesale market. Well-known for the biggest fish market in the world! Welcoming by big tuna fish on the signboard, people come here not only to see fresh fish and seafood but also to eat Sushi! There are approximately 500 restaurants and shops located in this market.

Tsukiji fish market is divided into Outer market and Inner market. Outer market is retailer's market and Inner market is wholesale market.

There are many sushi chain restaurants as well as individual ones in Outer market. Moreover, you may see rotating sushi restaurants, called Kaiten sushi in Japanese. You can select it by your own budget, normally Kaiten sushi restaurants are cheaper than counter-style restaurants.

If you want to see tuna auction, it starts at 5:25. There are twice in a day to see it at Inner market. First auction is from 5:25 to 5:50 and second one starts 5:50 to 6:15. You need to get to Osakana center(fish center)where is a waiting place till auction starts around 4 am. If you get there at 5:30 am, you may not be able to see it. Since this is very popular event for travelers. Each time allows 60 people to get in and first-come-first-get system. Luckily you get the chance, you are asked to wear the bib which tells market people you are allowed to go inside. Then, move to the auction place and you see bunch of tuna fish lined up in front of you!! Soon the exact auction occurs, it's awesome!!

This fish market will move to another area next year, and I heard after moving, auction area will be a bit far for you to see it, so this year is the last chance to see this close.

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