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仲見世通り Nakamise Shopping Street

  • Walk around (Other Walks / City Walking)
  • Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
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Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0032, Japan
  • Walk around (Other Walks / City Walking)
Date of post:2015/09/28

Nice Souvenir Street in front of Senso-ji temple

  • Temple / Shrine

If you would like to buy Tokyo’s souvenir, this is the best place. There are postcards, key chains, kimono, yukata, wood block printings, Japanese dolls and so on.

Not only they have souvenirs but Japanese sweets as well. Red bean buns, mochi rice cake, senbei rice cookies etc... They cost from 100yen to 200yen per piece. Very reasonable! This 250m long shopping street gives you so much fun, excitement and appetite. Especially, I like ‘Age Manju’- fried buns with red beans and ‘Kuro Goma Senbei’-black sesame rice cracker. You can find these shops out of 90.

While walking through Nakamise, you will find many cat statues (or dolls) waving his arm and hand up. They are called ‘Maneki neko’-welcoming fortune cat. These cats actually hold ancient Japanese coin in their arms and it’s believed that you would welcome more customers and money if you put it in the shop or restaurant. Many shop owners buy and wish their business go well.

Also, there are many Kimono shops which have lots of variety on color (pink, yellow, blue and purple etc), design and sizes. It maybe more reasonable buying kimono here compared with Kimono shop in the department store because materials are different. Of course, you can try it on before buying!

After 6pm, many shops are closed but that the time you start to see beautiful painting on the store shutters which depict Asakusa’s history and traditional seasonal events. Getting there at night, don’t forget to look at this artistic wall paintings, it’s worth to seeing.

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