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東京スカイツリー Tokyo Skytree

  • Buildings (Architectures)
  • Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
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Ueno / Asakusa / Tokyo Skytree Area
1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045, Japan
  • Buildings (Architectures)
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Date of post:2015/09/28

Japan's newest and best Sky Tower with nice shopping mall on foot.

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Open in 2012, take either Hanzomon line and get off Oshiage station or take TOBU line to Tokyo Skytree station. You will be fascinated by 634m TV Anntena tower which is the highest self-supporting tower in the world.

There are two observatories and first one locates at 350m high from where you can even see clouds below!! To get this, you use one out of four elevators which design based on Japan's four seasons. When you get into the elevator, you will know which season one you are in!! After first observatory, you have one more chance to go higher. That is 450m high SPECIAL observatory from where you enjoy grand panoramic view of Tokyo as well as Chiba prefecture, Mt. Fuji and so on. You may feel you are in the sky and become a bird!! Once you get there, don’t miss the highest point, they called it 'Sorakara point' which is 451.2m high.

Tokyo Skytree has its own three very unique characters. In the shops, you will find those cute characters whose names are Sorakara-chan (a Star-shaped-head girl), Teppenpen (a Penguin), ScoBulbul (a bulldog). These are must-buy souvenirs for the memory of Tokyo Skytree.

Also, at the foot of it, big and nice shopping mall called ‘Tokyo Solamachi’ locates, where you see many different kinds of shops including Japan and Tokyo souvenirs as well as cloths and sweets shops!!

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