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Professional guide of Tokyo(Japan)

Gingko (Licensed guide - English)

Introducing must-see spots with histories and tips, so that you get a deeper understanding for each place.


Highly motivated to develop and find new sightseeing spots as well as regular spots, and reporting various attractions of Tokyo from different angles.


Licensed guide - English

Being a nationally certified tour guide, my tours are mainly focused on special interests for individual travellers:culture, food, nature, historical places, unique experiences and shopping in Tokyo and Kamakura.


Rumi Yamaguchi (Licensed guide - English)

Introduced by a very experienced tour guide, these spots are Must-sees in Tokyo!!


Majoring Japanese modern history in Sophia University, my strength as a guide is deep knowledge on Japanese history. However, my true strong point is the flexibility. I am able to adjust anybody, even I have difficult travelers, I manage well and solve problems smoothly.


Licensed guide - English

Holding government licenses in English and Chinese, working everyday with full of energy and enthusiasm! Love to show you from history and tradition to modern architectures and subcultures. I am very proud of myself working as a tour guide in Japan!

Hidesada Shimazaki (Licensed guide - English)

I introduce the attractive spots in Tokyo which many foreign guests enjoyed.


I am guiding the guests according to their interest!


Licensed guide - English

I am an English speaking tour guide. I take foreign tourists to the attractive spots all over Japan, such as historical sites, food market, pop culture spots, hiking in the mountain, cultural experience, etc. I also attend international meeting and sports tournament

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