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小樽市総合博物館 Otaru Museum

  • Culture / Art / History (Museums)
  • Around Otaru
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  • ClosedTuesday (Open if it is a public holiday, closed on Wednesday instead), Year-End and New Year Holidays (From 29 December to 3 January), Irregularly

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Around Otaru
1-3-6, Temiya, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido, 047-0041, Japan
  • Culture / Art / History (Museums)
Opening Hours
Tuesday (Open if it is a public holiday, closed on Wednesday instead), Year-End and New Year Holidays (From 29 December to 3 January), Irregularly
Date of post:2015/07/09

Be a fun and knowledge about some aspects of Otaru

  • Sightseeing

If you are the person, as well as myself who loves your memory and image of train journey, Otaru Sogo Museum in Temiya is worth to visit even if you skipped one delicious dish with sushi.

Following the history of the railway and steam locomotive, both of which has contributed well on the Hokkaido pioneering, you would be able to sense the old days of this northern island. There is also a short trip with American style locomotive that looks like the character of Back To The Future Ⅲ!

The transportation to go there is Chuo Bus bound for Otaru Suizoukan (Aquarium), basically one in 1 hour, ten minutes ride. The admission fee is 500 JPY.

The annex of the museum is located very next to the tourist information centre along the Otaru canal. In the classic building with Syachihoko --an imaginary animal regarding as a symbol of prosperity -- the visitor can see the days of rich life in Otaru, notably with the relations of herring fishing.

Otaru is originally one of the historical city in Hokkaido, as well as Hakodate, so before visiting many charming places along the tiny street, get in touch with the sense of “Nishin-chozya”, some successful business executive through the herring fishing.

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