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サッポロビール博物館 Sapporo Beer Museum

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  • Around Sapporo
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  • ClosedMonday(Open if it is a public holiday, closed on Tuesday instead)、New Year Holidays

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Around Sapporo
9-1-1 Kita7-johigashi, Higashi-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 065-0007, Japan
  • Culture / Art / History (Museums)
Opening Hours
Monday(Open if it is a public holiday, closed on Tuesday instead)、New Year Holidays
Date of post:2015/07/07

The only beer museum in Japan!

  • Sightseeing

The history of beer and brewing in Japan can be learned at the Sapporo Beer Museum, the only beer museum in Japan! It was opened in 1987, and renovated in 2004. It is located in the site of Sapporo Beer Garden.

In 1867, Kaitakushi (the government of Hokkaido Development Commission) constructed the brewery in Sapporo aiming to establish various industries in Hokkaido, the brewery was called Sapporo Reisei (cold) Beer, this is the origin of Sapporo Beer Company, so the trade mark of Sapporo Beer as the red pole star is derived from the symbol of Kaitakushi. The building which houses the Museum and Sapporo Beer Garden Restaurant features a stately and beautiful building with red brick walls that was originally constructed as the factory of Sapporo Sugar Company in 1890, and it was renovated as the brewery in 1904, so the museum was named a Hokkaido Heritage.

The third floor is the entrance of the exhibitions, the birth of Sapporo Beer in 1876 is exhibited with introducing the chief project manager and the brew-master at that time and describes how difficult and challenging to establish the brewery and launch the beer dramatically. Then the history of expansion of City of Sapporo, and the main ingredients for beer such as barley and hops are explained.

You may be overwhelmed by the huge Work Kettle standing from 2nd floor through 3rd floor, which is made of beautifully polished copper, this was used for the brewing process and its capacity is 85kl same as 240 thousand cans of 350ml can! Another interest is Sapporo Ad Collection on the second floor, the Ad posters show the relationship between beer and historical period, especially, I am interested in the women models on the posters telling the fashion and culture of the times.

When you will return to the first floor, you will become thirsty, your needs can be satisfied at Star Hall by paid tasting beer or non-alcohol beer. A glass of beer or soft drinks with snack is ¥200 (JPY), several kinds of beer are served. However, if you can not be satisfied, you will be advised to visit the neighboring Sapporo Beer Garden Restaurant where you can enjoy a typical all-you-can-eat jingiskan lamb barbeque with Sapporo draft beer! I recommend you reserve the restaurant considering the tour finish time at the Museum.

Date of post:2015/07/03

An impressive and refreshing piece of Sapporo

  • Historical Building

The history of Sapporo should not be told without knowing about beer. The most popular beverage among Sapporo people is Sapporo beer. So I think it is a must to go to the Sapporo Beer Museum to understand more about Sapporo's people.

To go to the museum, find the 188 line bus stop at the northern side of the JR Sapporo station, which runs every 30 minute in week days, 20 minute for Saturdays, Sundays, and National holidays (210 JPY).

Before the impressive building formerly used as a brewery, you see a pile of some barrels with white Japanese Characters meaning; “When we treat barely and hop properly, the kind of sake named beer would be produced."

Inside the museum, there is an information tour every 20 minutes. I am afraid to say there are only Japanese language tours, however, if you are the real fan of beer, this tour is worth joining, as the guide tells you the best way to enjoy Sapporo Beer blend in a can, which you can enjoy even outside Japan. Moreover, you would be kindly escorted to the drinking corner, where you can taste three blends for only 500 JPY.

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