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屈斜路湖 Lake Kussharo

  • Nature / Scenic spots (Lake / Falls)
  • Around Kushiro and Lake Akan
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Around Kushiro and Lake Akan
Teshikaga-cho Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido, 088-3200, Japan
  • Nature / Scenic spots (Lake / Falls)
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Date of post:2015/07/07

Lake fascinates you in all seasons

  • Nature Walks

Lake Kussharo is located in Akan National Park. It is the largest caldera lake in Japan and second largest lake in Hokkaido next to Lake Saroma. Because the volcanic gases make the lake water acidic, the cobalt blue water is created and makes the lake so beautiful. As it is the largest lake in Japan to freeze thoroughly in winter, the interesting phenomenon is seen, that is called Omiwatari. In February the water of the lake freezes and increases its volume, this causes the rise up of ice blocks which reaches up to 2m high and runs about 10km occasionally. This may appear in the early morning, as if it were the trail of the God passing the lake in the night.

Nakajima, the lake’s central island is the largest island in the lake in Japan, however no one can land at due to the nature preservation. Instead, Wakoto Peninsula is deeply jutting into the lake, there is a natural trail road circling around the peninsula in about 60minute by a walk. The area of the peninsula also provides camping and watersports such as riding in rowboat, windsurfing and canoeing.

Another interest is Sunayu at the east of lake means ‘sand and hot water’ where you will discover hot spring if you dig a hole 5 to 10cm of sand of the beach, the hot spring comes out naturally, people after swimming will enjoy their own open-air hot spring with viewing the lake. Thanks to the heat from the earth the hundreds of the migrant whooper swan stay there in winter.

The most panoramic view of Lake Kussharo can be enjoyed at Bihoro Mountain Pass at 525m high. It is located at the national highway 243 connecting two major cities in the Eastern Hokkaido such as Kitami and Kushiro. I think Bihoro Pass is one of the most beautiful pass in Hokkaido, you can look down on the lake with Shiretoko mountains forming as backdrop on clear day. At Mihoro Pass there is Michi no Eki (Roadside station) which is a government-designated rest area found along roads and highways in Japan. The station provides the functions of parking and restrooms, sharing information related to roads and tourism and shops to sell local products, now there are 1059 Roadside Stations across Japan, including 115 in Hokkaido. Michi no Eki Bihoro Pass features not only views but also shop and restaurant where you can taste a special Ramen with snow crab.

If you are going to stay a hotel near the Lake I would like to recommend Kussharo Prince Hotel which is located on the shore of the lake, the view of the lake from the lakeside room is fantastic in all seasons, and another attraction is a common open air hot spring, you can take a hot spring in midnight with the stars or early morning with the rising sun.

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