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モエレ沼公園 Moerenuma Park

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Around Sapporo
1-1 Moerenumakoen, Higashi-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 007-0011, Japan
  • Walk around (Squares / Parks)
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Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/07/03

Enjoy Super-size art created by one genius artist

  • Nature Walks

Moerenuma used to be an isolated pond located outside Sapporo, but when Sapporo-city government decided to reclaim it for facility for landfill and anti-flood, the government made its future plan of renovation for a large park. The plan might have been resulted in failure, however, without eager support of Mr. Isamu Noguchi, world famous architecture artist.

He devoted his life to the creation, resulting super artificial art of building and hills. In the hot daytime, additionally, man-made beach opens for your healing. Enjoy these attractions and scenes in the park with rental bicycles, and imagine yourself as a main character of the breathtaking art! Mr, Noguchi used to say “I always imagine myself a tiny being in diorama when I create the art” which I reminds while walking. Climbing up the artificial mountains is also fun, yet only cycling can make you refreshing. And do not miss the schedule of the fountain show through the Internet, which would make you feel as if you are standing on the seashore.

In winter, although not all facilities are open, there is another chance to try downhill ski, in the purely white field.

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