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阿寒湖 Akan Lake

  • Nature / Scenic spots (Lake / Falls)
  • Around Kushiro and Lake Akan
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Around Kushiro and Lake Akan
Akanko, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Nature / Scenic spots (Lake / Falls)
Date of post:2015/07/14

open the book of supernatural mystery and native

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Lake Akan is located in Akan National Park, eastern part of Hokkaido. Thanks to its distance from urban area of the island, Lake Akan somehow has remained its ancient nature. One can find several factors around Lake Akan with which I can define it as a “Lake of Legend”---for instance, a group of marimo.

Marimo is a kind of green alga, and, mysteriously enough, Lake Akan is the only place on Earth where marimo has grown up so much. The green ball-shaped weed often take longer than human life to be as big as the size of child, and most of their nature style is unknown. We can see some marimos in the special aquarium located on the small island of Lake Akan. There is ferry service from Lake Akan Hot Spring Resort, with about 90-minute voyage, 1,650 JPY for adult, 880 JPY for children. (group discount is available. )

Another noteworthy factor of Lake Akan is its Ainu Kotan (Kotan means habitation in Ainu language). Among several replicas of Kotan, or habitation set up in Hokkaido, one in Lake Akan area is quite real. There also locates Ainu Theatre, where you can see musical and dance performance. The fee is 1,650 JPY for adult and 880 for children, with group discount.

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