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ファーム富田 Farm Tomita

  • Entertainment (Zoo / Aquarium / Botanical Gardens)
  • Around Frano and Biei
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Around Frano and Biei
15 Kisenkita, Nakafurano-cho Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido 071-0704, Japan
  • Entertainment (Zoo / Aquarium / Botanical Gardens)
Opening Hours
[May, September] 8:30-17:00 [June-August] 8:30-17:30 [March, October, November] 9:00-16:30
Open Every Day
Date of post:2015/07/09

Park-like Flower Farm with Lavender

  • Sightseeing

Farm Tomita is a park-like Flower Farm which is free to enter, it is one of the most popular tourist site in summer in Hokkaido when several varieties of Lavender bloom from the late of June to the middle of August. In the 1950s Lavender was cultivated in Furano area for essence use however it declined due to the import of low priced synthetic perfume in the early 1970s. In 1976 the photo of Lavender Field in Tomita was included in the calendar of Japan Railway, this led to increase of tourists to Tomita. The more Tomita expanded attractions such as fields, products related to Lavender and shops, the more tourists visit there.

You will be impressed by the scenery of light purple Lavender field with Tokachi Mountain Range forming a background. Tomita has 15 hectare of Lavender field besides other flowers such as crocus in April, narcissus and tulip in May, lupinus, peony and Japanese rose in June start to bloom before Lavender.

There are many interesting facilities, Hanabito House (Welcome House), Dried Flower House, Distillery Workshop, Perfume House, Green House and Gallery Fluer. You can find your favorite at Hanabito’s shop which provides wide varieties of Lavender-related products, such as oil, perfume, soap, incense, potpourri, tea and so on. I recommend you can taste Lavender only at Tomita that is its original soft-serve ice cream with Lavender taste at ¥300 (JPY), its color is light purple of course!, and you can get it at any of seven shops in Tomita.

Another recommendation is Gallery Fluer opened recently where photos of so beautiful scenery of Lavender or other flowers for visitors who may miss the top of seasons and they will swear to come back there at good season.

Lavender East is the second farm of Tomita opened in 2008, it is located 4km east from Farm Tomita. It is a real farm of Lavender, but open to public, and 90 thousand of Lavender can be seen with the mountains at closer distance than Tomita. There is a Lavender Bus around Farm which is pulled by a tractor at gentle speed with English explanation by tape so that you can enjoy scenery at relaxed pace. Fee is ¥200 (JPY) for adults including Junior High School students and ¥100 (JPY) for under Junior High School students and 4 years old or older. Please note it is open late June and July

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