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小樽運河 Otaru Canal

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Around Otaru
Minatomachi, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 047-0007 Japan
  • Nature / Scenic spots (Lake / Falls)
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Date of post:2015/07/07

The city of nostalgia

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Otaru is the city in 32 minutes by JR Rapid train from Sapporo, and on the way to Otaru you can see the nice view of the Sea of Japan from the train. Otaru facing the Sea of Japan was prosperous than Sapporo in the past, and it was nicknamed “the Wall Street of the North”! I love its nostalgic atmosphere. Many interesting spots are within walking distance from JR Otaru station.

Otaru Canal is the most popular tourist spot in the area, and just walking seaward from the station, on the way you will pass the former Temiya Railway Line which is the third oldest railway in Japan. The canal was completed in 1923 as a shipping site for coals, woods and grains, and after decline of industries it was restored in 1986 for sightseeing area. It features retro timber framed stone construction warehouses reflecting on the water which are now served as restaurants and beer pub, well prepared stone pavement with 63 gas lanterns, canal boat tour, riding a rickshaw, illumination in the evening, and so on.

For taking photos of canal, Asakusabashi bridge and Chuobashi bridge are good spots, however for higher point, it is advised to go up the stairs to the observatory of the tower of Denukikoji which is just opposite side of Asakusabashi bridge, the past prosperity in Otaru was restored in Denukikoji, and now it is a complex of many restaurants, and the observatory is on its fire watchtower.

I would like to recommend the brewery & beer pub with good atmosphere and craft beer, it is Otaru Beer in Otaru Soko No.1 which is housed in the warehouse just lined with the canal. It provides German style craft beer, and the brewery inside the building! The brewery tour is available at no charge, you can learn how the beer is brewed, it costs 20 minutes.

If you visit the canal in February, the most beautiful and romantic scene of the canal can be seen, there is Otaru Snow Light Path festival, it is the most popular festival in winter in Otaru attracting more than 500 thousand visitors. The festival features that the promenades in the snow are lit up by many candles together with handmade snow and ice objects, the main site is the canal, where the lights of candles in the glass floats on the freezing surface of the canal are wavering and lighting up the old warehouses, which warm your heart. Please prepare warmer clothing, it is absolutely cold!

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