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旭川市旭山動物園 Asahiyama Zoo

  • Entertainment (Zoo / Aquarium / Botanical Gardens)
  • Around Asahikawa and Daisetsuzan
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  • ClosedDecember 30-January 3

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Around Asahikawa and Daisetsuzan
Higashiasahikawacho Kuranuma, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido 078-8205, Japan
  • Entertainment (Zoo / Aquarium / Botanical Gardens)
December 30-January 3
Date of post:2015/07/09

Also fun in winter in the northernmost zoo

  • Animal Appreciation

Asahiyama Zoo is one of the most popular tourist sites in Hokkaido. Although Asahiyama is the northernmost zoo in Japan, it attracted the third highest number of visitors after Ueno Zoo in Tokyo and Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya in 2010.

There is a history for the zoo, after opened in 1967, it was almost closed due to the death of two animals by an endemic disease in 1994, therefore the people in the zoo thought deeply the measures for recovery, and planed a scheme of construction of interactive animal viewing facilities, which shows real activities and lives of animals different from showing only appearance or figure of animals. This measure started with Totori’s Village where visitors were able to see birds flying freely in an enormous cage in 1997, after this success, the construction of facilities based on the interacting animal viewing led to an increase of visitors to the zoo.

Among about 30 facilities, I recommend three must-see facilities, these are Seal House, Penguin House and Polar Bear House. In Seal House you will be surprised that the seal goes up through Marine Way which is a transparent vertical cylindrical pipe, you can observe how the seal swim, and the seal can see how people observe them. In Penguin House, there is a transparent tunnel under the aquarium where Penguins do not fly in the air rather fly in the water at very high speed. In Polar Bear House, you can see the big Polar Bear jumping into the pool from the position of under the surface of water, and see the Bear walking around on the ground from the Sealed Eye which is helmet-like reinforced plastic window on the ground.

The features of the northernmost zoo are animals with snow in winter, the animals living in the northern area are more active in winter. For example, the most popular attraction in winter among children is Penguins Walk, twice a day! This is also one of the interactive animal viewing program, Penguins need a walk for being rid of lack of exercise in winter, people make lines at the both sides of the stroll road and enjoy Penguin’s lovely walk.

Concerning convenient route in the zoo, if possible I recommend to enter from East gate and leave from Main gate for being picked up, because there is a slope from the East going down to the Main, but if you must go back to the East, the shuttle bus will be available from Spider Monkey and Capybara House to the East. Of course the both gates house shops and restaurants.

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